Infiltration and Leak Prevention - Prime Resins Prime Flex 920

Prime Flex 920 from Prime Resins is a versatile, single-component, water-activated polyurethane resin that is ideal for stopping infiltration. It is used to seal gushing leaks, including wide gaps, in concrete where the structure is not subject to movement. This hydrophobic material reacts with water and expands to form a closed-cell, watertight, rigid foam. Its super-low viscosity allows for penetration into fine areas. It can be used for sealing leaks and filling voids in and around box culverts, tunnels, manholes and pipes. It is also ideal for curtain grouting below-grade structures like parking decks, foundations and basements. Adjustable reaction times range from four to 13 seconds. It is independently verified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61.5 for contact with potable water, allowing for use in the most sensitive areas. It is available in pails and drums, as well as cartridges. 800/321-7212;


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