Infiltration and Leak Prevention - Southland Tool Arrow Diamond Calcium Cutter

The Arrow Diamond Calcium Cutter for hydraulic jet motors from Southland Tool helps remove deposits of calcium carbonate caused by infiltration. Over time this tuberculation will form in the pipe and make rock-hard deposits that reduce flow, cause blockages and preclude TV inspection. The cutter is made of thick 1/4-inch reinforced steel with a welded 1-inch arbor hub. The front arrow divides into four fins to start in the middle of the deposits. Each of the four tapered fins has a thick 1/4- by 2-inch diamond segment brazed to the steel. They will chop and break away calcium deposits. Working into deposits breaks off chunks that will be jettisoned downstream. It is suggested to have a camera looking at the cutter from the upstream position. 714/632-8198;


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