Infiltration and Leak Prevention - Forbest Products FB-R2013E

The FB-R2013E multifrequency underground pipe locator from Forbest Products allows users to locate the pipeline and measure the depth and location of the leaking pipe coating. The locator comes with seven multifrequency options: 512 Hz, 1 K, 2 K, 8 K, 33 K, 65 K and 83 kHz. A variety of measurement modes for pipeline positioning (Valley Mode, Peak Mode, Broad Peak Mode, Peak Arrow Mode) can verify each other to ensure the accuracy of pipeline positioning. The built-in GPS helps to generate the pipeline drawing automatically. It can detect the size and location of pipe coating damage or breakdowns of the outer layer of electric cable with the “A” frame. Its working depth reaches 20 feet. It displays on a 3.5-inch LCD with backlight. The built-in rechargeable battery can last more than 10 hours. 877/369-1199;


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