Inside the July 2008 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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SEWER - Mains In Motion
Stege Sanitary District keeps a tight and efficient sanitary sewer system despite frequent seismic activity that can crack pipes, loosen joints, or worse
SEWER - Forward Laterals
The City of Santa Rosa augments its sewer main replacement program with pipe bursting of laterals in a comprehensive attack on inflow and infiltration
An Industry First
TAG-R software helps industry professionals evaluate projects and choose the technology that delivers the best results
Association News, Learning Opportunities and Calendar of Events
Learn about everything happening in the industry.
Pipe Bursting Puller Adds Power in a Small Footprint
Taxes Are Good
Forget all the apologies and disclaimers. Hang the silly read-my-lips pledges. It is a privilege to support the public good by paying taxes.
WATER - Bursting With Pride
A fast-growing Texas city uses prechlorinated pipe bursting to fix breakage-prone asbestos cement mains with minimal disruption for residents
It's Their Ship
Business owners and employees alike can take lessons from the experience of a U.S. Navy skipper who turned his destroyer into a top-flight outfit
Stopping Pollution
Stormwater filters help the City of Key West, Fla., keep trash, oils, bacteria, and nutrients out of the area’s clean ocean waters
The Whole Picture
Panoramo 2 inspection system captures complete pipe interior images for careful examination later in an office setting
Industry News - July 2008
NESC Redesigns Web Site; Hannay Reels Marks 75th Anniversary; City of Wausau to Sell Water to Neighboring Village; Contract Land Staff Creates Public Sector Division; Gainesville Regional Utilities Receives Excellence Award; LMK Receives Patent for No-Dig CIPP Lateral Lining; Keith Huber was ­Vacuum Truck Pioneer