Inside the February 2010 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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SEWER: Open to Suggestion
A town in the high desert of Idaho finds answers to its aging infrastructure challenges by studying and applying a wide range of trenchless technology approaches
How Big Is That Pipe?
Many wastewater collection system technicians have had this experience: You need to inspect a line, or set up a skid for waterjet cleaning, but from your vantage point in the street you can’t confidently tell if the pipe is 6-inch or 8-inch. And you’d rather not perform a confined-space entry to go down the manhole and use a tape measure.
From the Inside
The LETS inspection system from Aries Industries lets municipal and contractor crews expedite evaluation of private sewer laterals by looking in from the mainline
San Francisco Fights Fog
A progressive program helps keep fats, oils and grease out of sewers, while a new technology turns it into high-quality fuel for use or sale
Litter Corral
A trapping device tested in the nation’s capital skims debris from stream surfaces, helping to keep waterways clean
It’s All About the Crabs
The James City County Stormwater Division engages residents by reminding them that clean water protects one of their favorite delicacies
An Expo Encore
On Feb. 27, country favorites from past Saturday Evening Jams will hit the stage to celebrate the 30th Pumper & Cleaner Expo
Thoughts on Certification
Wastewater agencies find that certification initiatives pay dividends in more knowledgeable, more engaged and more effective team members
Full Speed Ahead
Committees help NASSCO make critical progress in initiatives including software validation, CIPP training, and government relations
Seeing the Future
Leading a team requires an array of special skills, including the ability to envision the organization’s long-term needs