Electro Scan Inc. wins Joseph L. Abbott Jr. product innovation award

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The North American Society for Trenchless Technologies (NASTT) recognized Electro Scan Inc. as this year’s recipient of the prestigious Joseph L. Abbott Jr. Award for product innovation. Presented at its Gala Awards Dinner at NASTT’s Annual No-Dig Show in Sacramento, Calif., Electro Scan was recognized for its state-of-the-art product innovation and contribution to the sewer rehabilitation industry. 

“We are delighted to have our peers recognize our breakthrough technology,” says Chuck Hansen, CEO of Electro Scan. “Never has a single product changed how sewers are evaluated and prioritized for repair — not to mention providing the first automated tool to certify repairs after rehabilitation.”

As sewer infrastructure has continued to decay, utilities have been forced to build larger wastewater treatment facilities to transport and treat a growing amount of relatively clean water entering our sewer systems through cracks and illegal connections. Major sources of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and combined sewer overflows (CSOs) have also been attributed to poor repairs, cracks, broken joints, and defective service connections in our sewers. 

Sewer utilities have traditionally used a variety of techniques to locate potential sources of infiltration, including CCTV, smoke testing, dye flood testing, sonar, laser profiling, and ground penetrating radar; however, given the drawbacks of visual observation and interpretation, legacy inspection methods often have provided incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate data. 

In contrast, Electro Scan represents a quantum leap for sewer utilities, consulting engineers and contractors to locate potential sources of infiltration. Using its technology that measures the variation of electrical current inside pipes to identify defects in accordance with ASTM Standard 2550-06, Electro Scan automatically locates and measures potential leaks. 

Electro Scan has also emerged as the first tool capable of certifying newly relined and rehabilitated sewer mains and laterals. 

It is estimated that the United States operates and maintains over 1 million miles of sewer interceptors, mains and private laterals with many communities operating under U.S. EPA Administrative and Consent Orders. 

Since 1971 it is estimated that about 40,000 miles of CIPP liners have been installed worldwide. By far the leading method for rehabilitating gravity sewers, CIPP has been installed without the ability to adequately assess its installation or assure its leak-free acceptance by sewer utilities. 

Electro Scan’s ES-620 for Sewer Mains (i.e. ES-300 in international markets) is sold as an upgrade to new or existing CCTV trucks. Utilizing existing CCTV electronics and a proprietary Electro Scan upgrade kit, customers are able to easily swap from CCTV to Electro Scan, and back to CCTV, in less than 10 minutes. 

Together, CCTV and Electro Scan provide a comprehensive sewer assessment to determine both structural integrity and potential sources of infiltration in sewers.

In October 2010, NASTT renamed its prestigious award in honor of the late Joseph L. Abbott Jr., who was an active member of the society since its inception in 1990. A link to Electro Scan’s award-winning submittal is available here.

About Electro Scan Inc.
Founded in 2011, Electro Scan Inc. designs and manufactures its patent-pending sewer leak detection equipment and hosted cloud solutions for wastewater utilities and commercial plumbers. Sold exclusively through its worldwide network of authorized dealers, interested sewer utilities and contractors may contact either the company or its dealers to arrange a live demonstration. Electro Scan Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Sacramento, Calif. For more information, visit www.electroscan.com.


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