Quick and Easy Way to Remove Seized Valve Seats

Quick and Easy Way to Remove Seized Valve Seats
The Hydrant Saver Package from Stanley Hydraulic Tools includes IW24 impact wrench, power tube, extension, alignment wrench, retaining pins, and Mueller 5 1/4-inch socket.

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The Stanley Hydrant Saver from Stanley Hydraulic Tools is the quick and easy way to remove seized valve seats without excavation or a large crew. The Stanley Hydrant Saver is powered by the Stanley IW24 impact wrench to deliver enough torque to loosen any valve seat and uses custom sockets to fit most hydrant brands including Mueller, Clow, Kennedy and Waterous. 

The Stanley Hydrant Saver is:

  • Simple: Easy-to-use one-man operation, turning a once difficult task into a routine one.
  • Cost Effective: Pays for itself in the cost of replacing two to three hydrants.
  • Safe: No need for “cheater” bars, backhoes or truck winches for removal.
  • Versatile: Allows for servicing of hydrants obstructed by walls, fences, buildings, etc. 

Two complete kits are available: Northern Kit (31043) with 8-foot power tube and the Southern Kit (31044) with 6 1/2-foot tube. Both kits include a 1 1/2-foot extension, alignment wrench, retaining pins, and a Mueller 5 1/4-inch socket. A complete selection of sockets is available from Stanley Hydraulic Tools to fit most commonly found hydrants. 

For more information, visit www.stanleyhydraulic.com. 


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