Gen-Eye POD Pipe Inspection System Adds 7-Inch Monitor

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Gen-Eye POD Pipe Inspection System Adds 7-Inch Monitor
The lightweight Gen-Eye POD combines camera, reel and monitor in an all-in-one package. You just grab it and go.

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The lightweight Gen-Eye POD and MINI-POD combine camera, reel and monitor in an all-in-one package. You just grab it and go.

You get a large 7-inch LCD color monitor protected by a padded case. It’s mounted on a rugged yet flexible gooseneck that swivels to give you the best viewing angle, wherever you’re working.

The full-size Gen-Eye POD features a self-leveling camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for troubleshooting 3- to 10-inch drainlines. The MINI-POD carries 125 or 175 feet of pushrod and the color mini camera is small enough to troubleshoot 2- to 4-inch lines. A video-out connection lets you record to an external device.

There’s a lot more, like a picture inverter, both AC and DC power cords, LED dimmer control, 3-inch trap skid, and a 512 Hz transmitter to track the camera location.

The Gen-Eye POD gives you everything you need to get started, including:

  • 7-inch LCD monitor in padded case
  • Flexible gooseneck monitor mount for the best viewing angle
  • Full-size POD carries 200 feet of Gel-Rod and self-leveling color camera to inspect 3- to 10-inch lines
  • MINI-POD carries 125 or 175 feet of Gel-Rod and mini color camera to inspect 2- to 4-inch lines
  • 512 Hz transmitter for easy camera location
  • Video-out connection to record to external device
  • Rugged frame and reel with drag brake and reel lock
  • Can be operated vertically or horizontally
  • LED dimmer control

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