Welcome to the Next Level of Pipeline Rehabilitation

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Welcome to the Next Level of Pipeline Rehabilitation
Perma-Liner Inversion Liner Tubes can be delivered dry or resin-impregnated, depending on customer specifications.

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When mainlines leak or corrode, they can damage above ground surfaces, cause pollution and start severe flooding in treatment facilities.  The Perma-Liner Main Lining System uses the most technologically advanced cured-in-place pipe lining to rehabilitate city pipes.

Perma-Liner Perma-Main Inversion Liner Tubes are manufactured in accordance with specifications of Perma-Liner and will comply with the guidelines of ASTM F 1261 and ASTM F 1743. The general thickness of the liners can be provided from 1.0 mm to 100 mm in accordance with design specifications. Perma-Liner Perma-Main Liner Tubes can be delivered dry or factory wet-out (resin impregnated). The factory wet-out tubes come pre-impregnated with resin and are ready for immediate installation. Customers ordering the Perma-Main wet-out liner tubes eliminate the expense of a building, equipment and labor to wet out liner tubes.

For example, a contractor who purchases a dry-liner tube and wants to wet out  the liner tube could spend more than $100,000 in equipment, building, labor, electric and insurance to set-up the facility, not including maintenance. Perma-Liner Perma-Main eliminates the need for customers to set-up a wet-out facility. Per installation, Perma-Liner will size each order, resin pre-impregnate the liner, and delivery the liner to a project location or warehouse. These steps reduce overhead costs.

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