Gas-Powered Drain Cleaner Blasts Large Lines And Long Runs

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Gas-Powered Drain Cleaner Blasts Large Lines And Long Runs
Get the job done quickly and efficiently with the Model E Rodrunner from General Pipe. It quickly removes clogs up to 500 feet down the line.

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The Model E gas-powered Rodrunner drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners blends power and maneuverability for rapid removal of clogs in large lines and long runs up to 500 feet down the line. It’s capable of coupling to either sectional cables to clear up to 14-inch lines or 5/16-inch municipal rods to clear up to 24-inch lines.

A powerful 6.5 hp engine drives the Model E Rodrunner with an easily accessible throttle control on the handle. Drive speed is set at 100 to 200 rpm for municipal rods and 200 to 400 rpm for sectional cables.

The Hot-Shift transmission lets the operator switch from forward to reverse without the need for a clutch. A long gearshift lever is within easy reach of the operator.

The Model E Rodrunner also features a 3/4-inch lifetime lubricated drive chain and safety slip clutch to protect cables and rods against excessive torque buildup. Large 12-inch pneumatic wheels make it easy to move the machine to and from the job.

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