FCS S30 Surveyor Amplifies Noise From Underground Leaks

Portable sensor and meter help find leaks before they surface.
FCS S30 Surveyor Amplifies Noise From Underground Leaks

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The portable S30 Surveyor from Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) amplifies underground pipe leaks for identification and localization. The user-friendly system can be used as a contact sensor at distribution access points and as a ground microphone.

Manufactured in the United States, the S30 system includes: an adjustable analog meter, aviator quality headphones, collapsible probe and sensor, and is packaged in a durable Pelican case for easy transport and storage.

The operation is simple. The sensor is placed in contact with any access point (hydrant, valve, etc.) on the distribution system. The S30 console amplifies any leak noise present through the supplied headphones. The analog meter indicates noise intensity in the pipe. Leak location can be localized by listening at several points in a given area and comparing noise intensity.

The S30 can also be used as a ground microphone by attaching the supplied surface sounding plate. The sensor can then be run along the ground above the pipe. Leak location can be pinpointed by identifying the spot where noise is loudest.

The S30 weighs less than 2 pounds and can be worn with the supplied belt case for hours of comfortable use. The meter sensitivity and volume are adjustable for improved results in high noise areas. The meter screen is backlit for use in dark locations and nighttime work.

For additional information on the full line of FCS leak detection products, call 800-531-5465, visit www.fluidconservation.com or email sales@fluidconservation.com.

About FCS
FCS, a division of Halma Water Management, is the North American industry leader in water leak detection technology. FCS was the first organization to patent leak correlation technology, and today its products are installed with over 1,000 utilities throughout the United States.


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