Piping System Design Software Update Now Available

Piping System Design Software Update Now Available
The new features in HYDROFLO 3 allow you to quickly create and solve networks, recirculating and gravity flow piping systems for their steady-state flows and pressures.

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HYDROFLO 3 is a major update of a popular fluid conveyance system design and analysis tool developed by Tahoe Design Software. HYDROFLO makes creating and solving complex piping systems quick and easy.

Drag-and-drop pipes, pumps, tanks, gauges, fittings, control valves and flow vs. head devices onto HYDROFLO's vertically-based “Hydraulic Grade Line” workspace to create detailed piping system layouts that model any type of incompressible liquid flow.

The operational steady state flows and pressures are rapidly found and instantly presented along with the line's HGL plot. Many new features have been added to further assist in editing designs.

The “Clipboard” allows large scale copying of elements to other lines and projects and a “Group Editor” is available for mass editing element data.

New Features

HYDROFLO 3 now solves larger systems by offering more source and discharge points within branch lines. The new “Pipe Schedule Editor” allows creation, editing and exporting of all types of pipe materials and sizes.

Capturing, editing and moving groups of elements is now much easier. New example problems are provided that demonstrate a wide range of applications such as chemical distribution to multiple tanks, control valve use/operation, large pond and pool design and chilled water re-circulating system operation.

HYDROFLO Solves Many Types of Hydraulic Problems

  • Validation/calibration of existing open source/discharge systems.
  • Modeling of closed re-circulating systems.
  • Simulation of gravity (non-pumped) flow systems.
  • Analysis of proposed system’s operation.
  • Determination of line head losses at specific flow rates.
  • Analysis of cavitation (Net Positive Suction Head) problems.
  • Comparison of equivalent metric SI to English unit designs.

New Enhanced Features

HYDROFLO 3 now has two-way communication with PumpBase. HYDROFLO will start up PumpBase and send it a pump's operational parameters (TDH, flow, NPSHA, TSH and system curve). PumpBase can then be used to find the best pump for your application and fluid type, then send selected pump curves back to HYDROFLO for use in your design.

The new HYDROFLO 3 Academic Version is free to use by educational institutions for non-commercial research projects. The software is extensively tested for international use, unicode compatibility and localization settings under all Windows OS versions.

For more information or to purchase/download software, visit www.tahoesoft.com.


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