A New Way to Get to Those Hard-to-Reach Parts

A New Way to Get to Those Hard-to-Reach Parts

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Many municipalities are putting their facilities managers in tough situations with their aging equipment. Some of their old machinery or pumps or devices were put in place when there was either no thought that they might break down one day or how someone in the future might get to the part they need to replace.

Henderson, Nevada, found a new tool on the market that fit the bill perfectly for their needs, and now their neighboring township comes to borrow their EzRig Crane for similar purposes.

The EzRig Crane is specifically designed to lift heavy loads from unique positions and hard-to-get-to locations which is a specialty for this mobile crane. It moves around on durable 8-inch locking caster wheels and has lifting capabilities that can pull up or lower 2,400 pounds, and it has a vertical reach height of 19 feet. The mini crane can go through standard 3-foot doors and into standard elevators coupled with the capacity of a lowering cable of 130 feet that make it easy for municipalities that have machinery stowed away down three or four stories. 

About EZRig Crane Inc.
EZRig Crane Inc., operating out of Ventura, California, is a manufacturing company that produces the small, portable EZRig Crane, serving the manufacturing, industrial, construction, transportation, HVAC, pipe, steel, glass installation, roofing, automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, aircraft, and other industries. For more information, visit www.ezrigcrane.com.


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