Worms Invade Neighborhood Drinking Water

Water customers got an unpleasant surprise in their tap water
Worms Invade Neighborhood Drinking Water

Residents from the Woodland Acres Subdivision near Houston, Texas, are dealing with wormy tap water after a power outage disrupted services at J&S Water, the private company that services the area.

According to a KHOU 11 report, residents gathered in the street Wednesday afternoon to compare tap water samples that contained red and black worms. One resident even brought a sprinkler head, which had been clogged by worms.

“This water was coming out of the bathroom faucet,” said resident Tara Miles in the report as she held up a bottle of water that contained several worms.

The water company says after the power outage, the water distribution system was flushed and the water was tested several times. According to the article, the company is blaming other sources, such as the pipes, for the infestation.

Mayor Joe Landry offered bottled water and a location for showers to the residents.

A J&S Water spokesman said the company is working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to solve the problem.

Source: KHOU


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