A Cost-Effective, High-Performance Option for Corrosive Environments

Methacrylate epoxy FRP composite pipe, duct and fittings perform in harsh industrial environments and provide longer life cycles.
A Cost-Effective, High-Performance Option for Corrosive Environments

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Corrosion-resistant methacrylate epoxy FRP composite pipe, duct and fittings from FiberSystems is engineered for chemical service environment applications. The versatile methacrylate epoxy is approximately 35 percent less than the cost of standard epoxy pipe. Methacrylate epoxy products also offer high-performance alternatives for costly alloys and specialty metals for projects that dictate fire-retardant and explosion-resistant requirements.

The manufacturer’s methacrylate epoxy products can be used to repair or replace existing piping for customers experiencing failure in the field with steel, metal alloys, standard epoxy and thermoplastic pipe and fittings. 

“In today’s business climate companies have to compete with China and other nations," says T. R. Morton, CEO of FiberSystems. "They need products that can perform in harsh industrial environments, provide longer life cycles and are cost efficient. A product isn’t cheap if it fails and you have to keep replacing it.” 

The filament-wound methacrylate epoxy FRP pipe and duct products are available in sizes ranging from 3/8 to 168 inches. One of just a handful of manufacturers to offer pipe in these size ranges, FiberSystems builds its products to ASTM standards for iron pipe outside diameters and chemical process pipe inside diameters.

The methacrylate epoxy FRP pipe products can also withstand burial conditions from live loads to earth loads of 100 feet or more. The products can be used for underwater installations and supported span applications. A high-performance grade of methacrylate epoxy resin pigmented gray for UV inhibition is used in filament-wound structural overwraps and flanges.

For more information, visit http://www.ifs-frp.com/.

About FiberSystems
FiberSystems leads the industry as a custom manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic composite parts in a wide range of sizes for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments. With nearly 70 years of fabrication and engineering expertise, FiberSystems combines specialized resins knowledge, innovative design and materials; manufacturing technology and restoration services to support a diverse product lineup that includes pipe, fittings, duct, containment systems, tanks, pipe supports and items like pultruded structural shapes, flooring systems, grating and coatings.


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