Water and Wastewater Product News: Nov. 22, 2016

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Water and Wastewater Product News: Nov. 22, 2016
The GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac is designed to improve efficiency by eliminating time spent driving to a fill site.

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GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac
The GapVax-Wiedemann Recycle JetVac is designed to improve efficiency by eliminating time spent driving to a fill site. The unit uses a combination of self-cleaning backflush mesh, centrifugal separation cyclones, and progressive sedimentation to remove abrasives in recycled water. The unit has a 10 1/2-cubic-yard debris tank, 125-gallon freshwater tank and a stainless steel 1,500-gallon water tank. Other features include a 180-degree rotation boom, a 6-inch by 66-foot long suction hose and a 125 gpm pump, 2,175 psi water system. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.

ADS wireless sewer level monitor
The ADS ECHO is a self-contained, wireless sewer level monitoring system that alerts operators when flow levels exceed critical thresholds. The monitor uses ultrasonic sensing technology to provide focused level measurement from the top of the manhole into the pipe invert at distances up to 20 feet. The unit provides alerts via text or email and integrates ADS’s FlowView web-based interface for data collection and analysis. 800/633-7246; www.adsenv.com.

Pipehunter Red Dawg nozzle
The Red Dawg Low-Pro pipe-cleaning nozzle from Pipehunter is available in 1/2 - and 3/4-inch sizes. The unit features three forward-facing jets and six rear-facing jets. The simple design of the nozzle helps prevent hang-ups and allows it enter lateral clean-outs with ease. 800/373-1318; www.pipehunter.com.

Vactor water recycling system
Vactor Manufacturing introduced an optional water recycling system for 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaners. The system reuses water already in the sewer to clean sewer lines, potentially eliminating the need for clean water and saving thousands of gallons of clean water every shift. The recycling system also helps improve productivity by eliminating time spent refilling the tank and driving to a tank filling location. Initiated by a switch on the control panel, a five-stage filtration process combines settling and centrifugal separation and absolute filtration 100 micron, preventing solids from entering the jetting system. All components of the recycling system are located on the rear door of the 2100 Plus. 800/627-3171; www.vactor.com.


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