Water and Wastewater Product News: Dec. 20, 2016

Browse the latest products exclusively for the municipal sewer and water industry.
Water and Wastewater Product News: Dec. 20, 2016
The Steam-Flo increases production by transferring heat faster than hot-water curing or ambient curing.

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Steam-Flo steam generators by Sioux
Sioux’s line of Steam-Flo steam generators is quickly becoming the selected choice for curing CIPP and installing fold-and-form PVC pipe liners. The Steam-Flo increases production by transferring heat faster than hot-water curing or ambient curing. The steam cure system increases efficiency with faster setup, and reduces water usage and sewer system pollution. Steam curing releases lower styrene levels and odors, and reduces the risk of liner failure due to heating the liner too quickly. Sioux has been designing and building low-pressure steam generators since 1939. Sioux units are rugged, compact and easy to operate. Sioux offers many different mounting options including completely self-contained, trailer-mounted systems. Sioux specializes in application-specific designs and has the capabilities to design the exact piece of equipment you need. 877/763-4039; www.sioux.com/trenchless-pipeliner-rehabilitation.html

Mueller Co.’s Super Centurion hydrant safety flange video
With no expectations to go viral, Mueller Co. has recreated the Super Centurion hydrant safety flange video with a twist. While they are still not sure how granny hit a Mueller hydrant in this quiet residential neighborhood, a duo of ever-so-helpful water utility personnel install a new safety flange, repair the hydrant and help granny get back behind the wheel. Check out this fun yet instructional new video on their YouTube channel: youtu.be/YcIskZGJbZI. 800/423-1323; www.muellercompany.com.

Hi-Vac hydroexcavator
The X-8 hydroexcavator from Hi-Vac Corporation has been redesigned for increased power and capacity. A new debris tank with dished front head allows operators to legally load up to 8 cubic yards, helping avoid overweight tickets. The total payload capacity is 24,000 pounds and there is an onboard scale located at the operator station. The unit also features a 4,000 cfm, 27-inch Hg blower and a cyclone separator capable of 10-micron filtration. 800/752-2400; www.x-vac.com.

Ring-O-Matic offers Hurco valve exercisers
Spin Doctor valve exercising models from Hurco can be mounted to any Ring-O-Matic vacuum excavator, allowing operators to clean debris from the valve and then exercise it. Exercisers have 13 feet of reach and 270 degrees of swing. The Hurco SD-400 provides 400 ft-lbs of torque, sufficient for municipal valve exercising programs. The SD-800 exerciser offers 800 ft-lbs of torque, allowing it to open large and gear-operated valves. The ERB-800 is similar to the SD-800, but on a horizontal axis. It also features a pivoting head, simplifying connection to the valve wrench. 800/544-2518; www.ring-o-matic.com.

StoneAge Wireless Tracked Striker
The Wireless Tracked Striker from StoneAge is an automated shotgunning system for hands-free surface preparation. The system enables safe, precise shotgun cleaning on blast pads, walkways and platforms, as well as inside vessels, boilers and other difficult-to-access locations. The modular design adapts to a wide range of applications with plug-and-play accessories. The remotely steerable tracked base allows for continuous cleaning without needing to reposition. 866/795-1586; www.stoneagetools.com.

Water Cannon undercarriage cleaner
Steel Eagle undercarriage cleaners from Water Cannon are designed to simplify pressure washing vehicle undersides. A 13-inch wheel assembly has two 0-degree nozzles and two 15-degree nozzles providing 24 inches of cleaning area. The unit handles pressures up to 4,300 psi and temperatures up to 250 degrees F. The handle adjusts from 33.5 to 60 inches of reach and the unit can be used for vehicles with 14.5 inches of ground clearance. 800/333-9274; www.watercannon.com.

Pearpoint powered elevator
The powered elevator for the Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax crawler allows inspection of culverts and drains up to 36 inches in diameter. The motorized elevator system allows operators to deploy the crawler through smaller access points before raising it for pipe inspection. The elevator can also be lowered to maneuver around obstructions or to accommodate changing pipe diameters. Owners of the P356 crawler can purchase the elevator as an upgrade. 800/688-8094; www.pearpoint.com.

Itron using Microsoft Cloud to help customers
Itron Inc. is consolidating its software solutions around the globe into a single platform built on Microsoft Azure, the largest enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure available. Azure will be the backbone for Itron Total Outcomes, which provides business outcomes that address utility and city challenges to lower costs and improve performance. 866/374-8766; www.itron.com.


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