SpectraShield Polymeric Lining System

Prevent corrosion and stop infiltration in wastewater structures

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SpectraShield Polymeric Lining System

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SpectraShield is the only polymeric lining system of its type designed specifically for wastewater structures. In addition to preventing corrosion and stopping infiltration, SpectraShield restores structural integrity with a semi-flexible, stress skin panel effect. It is not susceptible to cracking with common ground movement conditions like freeze/thaw, wet/dry and traffic loading. Because of its ease of application and rapid curing, project costs and interferences are minimized. SpectraShield has been independently assessed to have a 100-year design life and tested extensively for adhesion, corrosion performance and resistance to hydrostatic pressure. The system’s track record is now evident in thousands of structures throughout the U.S. and abroad, covering over 7.5 million square feet. 800-284-2030; www.spectrashield.com


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