Worker Electrocuted on Pipe Lining Job Site

Overhead dangers can come into play during sewer work, as a recent job site accident in Pennsylvania showed

Worker Electrocuted on Pipe Lining Job Site

A worker died from electrocution last week when a telescopic forklift being used on a pipe lining job made contact with overhead power lines. (Photo by WJAC-TV)

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When job site safety, and the unfortunate outcomes that can come from overlooking safety protocols, are covered in Municipal Sewer & Water, it oftentimes has to do with trench collapses or the dangerous toxic gas environments found in sewers.

But an incident in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, last week shows an example of the above-ground dangers that workers have to be mindful of as well. While working on a sewer project Thursday, two employees of Insight Pipe Contracting were injured and a third one died when a machine made contact with overhead power lines, carrying 23,000 volts of electricity to where the employees were working.

According to a report in the Tribune-Democrat, Christopher Diaz, 30, was standing on the ground leaning against a telescopic forklift being used on a pipe lining job. He died from electrocution when the machine made contact with high-tension lines overhead. The two other workers were shocked when they attempted to pull Diaz away from the machine.

An OSHA investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Sources: WJAC-TV; Tribune-Democrat


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