Utility Partners With Developer to Showcase Water-Efficient Home

By selling vacant land to a developer, Madison Water Utility found a way to generate revenue and raise public awareness about water efficiency

Utility Partners With Developer to Showcase Water-Efficient Home

A unique initiative in Madison, Wisconsin, aims to show the public the kinds of water-saving technology that can be incorporated during the design phase of residential construction projects.

Killing two birds with one stone, Madison Water Utility is creating revenue by selling some of its vacant land, but it also struck a deal with the developer to feature a house that can showcase water conservation technology. Per the agreement, once the house is built, the utility will rent it for several months to offer public tours of the two- or three-bedroom single family home.

A rainwater capture system for toilet flushing will be a focal point for the tours, as that single feature drastically reduces the amount of water the household would require from the utility. Instead of leaving water to soak into the yard, a system of pipes will carry rainwater from the gutters to a storage tank in the basement. There also will be a reservoir for excess water.

“We’re looking at roughly cutting the usage in half of what a typical household would need to purchase from us,” Madison Water Utility Manager Tom Heikkinen told The Cap Times.

Also featured in the home will be water-efficient appliances and fixtures, and an energy-efficient heating system. There is also talk of putting solar panels on the roof.

Source: The Cap Times


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