Pipeline Inspection Pro Trusts Rugged Hot-Spot Pipe Locator

General’s pipe locator offers matchless accuracy and reliability in pinpointing problems

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Pipeline Inspection Pro Trusts Rugged Hot-Spot Pipe Locator
The versatile Hot-Spot pipe locator from General Pipe Cleaners eliminates guesswork when inspecting and tracing sewer and drainlines, septic tanks, active power lines and buried utilities.

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“We have a great name to protect,” says Tim Rogers, plumbing service technician in charge of sewer and drain cleaning operations at R-Mech Heating Cooling & Plumbing. “That’s why we carefully research and choose all our equipment.” 

A multiple Angie’s List Super Service Award winner, R-Mech has forged a 10-year reputation for professional excellence throughout the Kansas City, Missouri, metro area. That’s because they focus on expert service for every residential and commercial customer. 

“People don’t want lawns and driveways needlessly torn up trying to find problems,” Rogers says. “Quickly locating troubles is ‘job number 1.’ ” 

And that’s why R-Mech’s video inspection services count on the Hot-Spot pipe locator from General Pipe Cleaners. 

Accurate and versatile

Hot-Spot offers matchless durability, accuracy and reliability. General’s pipe locator lets plumbing and drain cleaning professionals precisely pinpoint problems without unnecessarily destroying costly pavement or expensive landscaping to find breaks or blockages. 

“I use Hot-Spot 10 times a week,” Rogers says. “And it’s dead-on-the-money – 100 percent of the time.” 

Superb for all plumbing and facility maintenance needs, the versatile Hot-Spot eliminates guesswork when inspecting and tracing sewer and drainlines, septic tanks, active power lines and buried utilities. 

“I’ve used the Hot-Spot on gas and waterlines with excellent accuracy,” Rogers adds. “No problems, ‘ghosts’ or guessing.” 

That sort of precision helps buttress R-Mech’s professional image. “With competitive locators, I’d have to walk a complicated crisscross pattern, spending 10 to 15 minutes just to find a problem,” he says. “But the Hot-Spot takes me right to customer troubles. I simply follow on-screen arrows.” 

Quick, intuitive operation 

With the Hot-Spot, even novice operators can enjoy rapid results. 

“I watched the General video that came with our Hot-Spot,” Rogers says. “And I was able to use it right from the get-go. I was very pleased.”

There’s no need to decipher numbers and bar graphs, and there’s no juggling multiple tracking screens. The easy, menu-based interface makes Hot-Spot simpler to use than other locators. 

Workplace abuse can’t compromise General’s tough tool either. Rated at IP65, Hot-Spot is dust-proof, and dirt and water-resistant. It aced the 1-meter drop test. And its screen passed the 18-inch steel ball drop test.

Hot-Spot also offers superior battery life and the automatic shutdown feature saves power.  And the USB port lets users upgrade software, or grab screen captures.

Hot Spot perfectly augments General’s rugged, all-in-one Gen-Eye SDN video inspection system.

With everything necessary to trouble-shoot 2-inch through 10-inch lines, Gen-Eye sports a self-leveling color camera, recording capabilities, 11-pound case, 10.5-inch LCD color monitor, keyboard for titling, AC/DC power and more.

Versatile, rugged performer

Hot-Spot has helped R-Mech maintain its matchless reputation for excellent sewer and drain-cleaning service.

It would have been easy for Rodgers to go with the inspection equipment he was used to. But he was so impressed with the Hot Spot pipe locator and decided to give it a try. And he's glad he did.

“Since getting Hot-Spot, we’ve never had to make a second dig or cut multiple holes. It’s been dead-on every time,” he concludes. “It’s a highly impressive addition to our professional equipment arsenal.”

For more information, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800-245-6200, or visit www.drainbrain.com.


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