Industry Group Produces New Safety Manual for High-Pressure Sewer Cleaners

Industry Group Produces New Safety Manual for High-Pressure Sewer Cleaners

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The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has developed a new manual about high-pressure sewer cleaning safety. It contains industry-recognized best operating practices that help communicate effective safety messages to equipment end-users.

The new AEM manual features safety content related to high-pressure waterjetting, vacuum hazards and spoilage dumping, and it describes preparing for safe equipment operation, safe operation guidelines and important equipment maintenance.

Members of AEM’s Underground Equipment Manufacturers Council played a key role in reviewing the new manual to ensure it provides end users with the latest industry-consensus best practices for safe machine operation.

“The new AEM High-Pressure Sewer Cleaner Manual is a welcome addition to those involved in sewer cleaning. It provides clear and consistent safety instruction for day-to-day operations and for getting new operators up to speed,” says Andy Current, technical information supervisor at Vactor and a member of the Underground Equipment Manufacturers Council.

AEM’s safety materials are developed, reviewed and approved by committees impaneled by AEM.

"AEM safety materials offer companies a high-value, economical way to deliver safety messaging to equipment operators," says Jaime Vos, AEM safety materials director. "They provide an industry-consensus viewpoint, written in clear language and produced in an easy-to-follow format that encourages safe equipment operation."

AEM safety materials include more than 55 unique manual titles, and they extend to additional collateral such as videos, brochures, decals and training kits.

In many cases, the manual is often assigned a part number as part of a manufacturer’s production process to ensure it is included with other safety literature when the equipment is sold into market. This integration with the manufacturing process helps utilities and companies in their risk management programs. The information is intended to supplement, not replace, manufacturers’ operating manuals.

“Always take time to review your safety procedures and communicate everyone’s responsibilities to ensure a successful job and the team’s safety,” says William Bernhard, AEM technical and safety services manager. “A daily check of the machine, work area and the actual job function will always make for a safer and more productive performance of the operator and equipment.”

All AEM safety and training products are available online at the AEM Store. Some materials are offered in downloadable files or in MP4 video format. AEM members receive discounts on select materials. The new AEM High-Pressure Sewer Cleaner Safety Manual will be available through the AEM Store beginning Nov. 1.

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