The Smart Way to Budget Sewer Rehab Projects

WinCan Rehab Planning Module takes the complexity and hassle out of planning and budgeting repairs, letting contractors and city managers focus on getting the job done

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The Smart Way to Budget Sewer Rehab Projects

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Cost-effective sewer rehab and repair requires systemwide analysis — but not everyone has the time or expertise to sift through inspection data. WinCan's Rehab Planning Module (RPM) can do the job quickly so you don't have to. Build a price catalog for regionally available rehab methods and identify which has the best ROI based on your maintenance budget and the condition of your system.

Plus, WinCan RPM interfaces with ArcGIS mapping software or native WinCan maps, helping you visualize your rehab strategy options and communicate them to others.

Let WinCan RPM's analysis give you confidence to pursue smarter, more strategic sewer rehab. Schedule a demo with WinCan’s experts today.

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