How to Rapidly Perform Condition Assessment with Digital Side-Scanning Technology

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How to Rapidly Perform Condition Assessment with Digital Side-Scanning Technology

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Portions of America’s wastewater systems are failing at a concerning rate.

Following World War II, America grew quickly, recovering from an economic depression and fresh from military triumph. The pipeline infrastructure for our water and sewer networks was expanded to the far-reaching corners of our country.

The result of that rapid expansion and investment provided us with somewhere between 700,000 and 800,000 miles of public sewer running below are homes, businesses, parks, and playgrounds — much of it largely brittle, if not broken. The massive costs required to update this aging pipeline infrastructure is difficult to comprehend.

Before we can improve our pipeline infrastructure, a thorough visual inspection and condition assessment of every pipeline asset must occur to properly catalog, document, quantify and prioritize the repair or replacement of each asset.

Considering the quantity of assets and how swiftly the pipeline infrastructure is deteriorating, it will be difficult to meet the inspection challenges most municipal entities are facing utilizing traditional CCTV inspection.

To meet the demand, municipalities should consider embracing new technologies that enable rapid assessment of pipelines while providing the highest quality of data to efficiently quantify repair and replacement needs.

Digital side-scanning technology offers the solution for municipal entities to meet the ever-increasing challenges and demands of America’s failing sanitary sewer and stormwater systems

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