Gain Prompt Insight Into Your Sewer’s Condition

The Quickview airHD zoom camera is the fast and affordable way to look inside your sewers

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Gain Prompt Insight Into Your Sewer’s Condition

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Envirosight’s Quickview airHD zoom camera helps you get the most out of your inspections in the least amount of time, while keeping productivity, detail and safety top of mind. Quickview airHD prioritizes:

  • Portability - Transportation is painless with a cordless design and collapsible pole that fits easily in a pickup bed but extends to 25 or 30 feet.
  • Simplicity - Inspect effortlessly with the ability to view, annotate and play back video from a touch-screen tablet, adjust camera tilt remotely, and perform in-manhole view centering.
  • Productivity - Rechargeable, swappable four-hour lithium-ion batteries allow you to inspect all day.
  • Detail - Capture clean, HD video with a Quad-Haloptic light engine that provides maximized viewing distance and side wall illumination.

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