Quick One-Person Inspections With the QZ3 Portable Inspection Camera

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Quick One-Person Inspections With the QZ3 Portable Inspection Camera

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CUES has developed a new lightweight, portable video inspection pole camera that can be operated by one person. The new QZ3 is designed to provide safe viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no man entry. Perform swift inspections and surveys of pipelines, wet wells, manholes, sewer treatment plants, steam generators, tanks, vessels and other areas that are difficult to reach. QZ3 can also be used to locate lateral services or to identify blockages at manholes, access ports or other entry points without entering the line or structure.

QZ3 is mounted on a lightweight carbon fiber adjustable telescopic pole that can extend up to 24 feet (an optional 30-foot pole is available). The 1080p camera features a 360:1 zoom with built-in image stabilization, automatic focus, distance-to-defect measurement, and self-contained waterproof lighting for enhanced detailed viewing of cracks, breaks, pipe separations, scale and various defect conditions. The new QZ3 also includes two flood LED lights for manhole inspections and six LED lights to provide maximum pipe lighting capabilities under adverse conditions.

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