Free Lead and Copper Rule Revisions Planning Assistance Available for Utilities

120Water's planning sessions aim to help utilities comply with the new Lead and Copper Rule and tap Infrastructure Bill Funding

Free Lead and Copper Rule Revisions Planning Assistance Available for Utilities

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120Water — the nation’s leading solutions provider for managing lead programs — is now offering complimentary, individualized planning assistance for water utilities looking to understand the final ruling and assess their readiness to comply with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) that went into effect on Dec. 16.

The LCRR creates challenges for water systems of all sizes, especially those serving underprivileged communities, including requirements to inventory all public and private lead service lines in the system and to begin testing at schools and daycares for the presence of lead in drinking water.

As the leading solutions provider for managing lead programs across the country, 120Water has worked with more than 250 systems across the United States on water programs impacting over 15 million lives.

In an effort to share best practices and arm water professionals with critical actions necessary to comply with LCRR by Oct. 16, 2024, 120Water will conduct free, 30-minute planning sessions through January 31, 2022. These individualized sessions will also include answering questions about how the latest rule will impact a specific system. Water systems will receive a self-assessment questionnaire to complete in advance of the meeting to help focus the discussion.

Water systems can reserve their planning session using this link.

The LCRR marks the largest changes in 30 years to the Lead and Copper Rule. A recent study by 120Water shows that most water systems are unprepared to comply with the ruling, and may not have the groundwork in place to apply for funding through the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that became law in November.

“The Revised Lead and Copper Rule (LCRR) is the most complex drinking water regulation water professionals must comply with,” says Megan Glover, CEO of 120Water. “120Water has been in the trenches working with customers who have set the early playbooks that all utilities can now follow in order to meet the compliance needs of LCRR and secure funding. We are pleased to share those playbooks and our expertise with all utilities looking for additional know-how to meet the new demands of LCRR.”


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