Year in Review: The Most Popular Articles of 2021

Year in Review: The Most Popular Articles of 2021

As the year comes to a close, we take a look at some of the most popular stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2021.

10. How Does Pipe Pigging Work?
Progressive poly pigging can efficiently clean municipal wastewater force mains. A few basic techniques can help you determine if this is an option in your system.

9. Handling an Employee Resignation You Didn’t See Coming
When an employee announces their resignation, it can leave you feeling blindsided. What’s the right way to respond? How can you ensure this employee’s duties are covered without overburdening the other members of your team? Find out in this online article.

8. Sea Level Rise Drives Wastewater Leakage to Coastal Waters
When people think of sea level rise, they usually think of coastal erosion. However, recent computer modeling studies indicate that coastal wastewater infrastructure, which includes sewer lines and cesspools, is likely to flood with groundwater as sea level rises.

7. Water Sector Applauds Government for Addressing Urgent Water Needs In American Rescue Plan Act
This article announced the congressional approval of the American Rescue Plan Act, which was then signed into law by President Joe Biden. The legislation delivered additional COVID-19 relief and contains $500 million in assistance for water customers and support for water and sewer investments.

6. Senate Approves Major Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Bill
In a show of bipartisan cooperation, the U.S. Senate passed the Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021 back in May.

5. Can You Require Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
With all the uncertainty swirling around COVID-19, one thing readers were interested in during 2020 was whether employers are allowed to require their employees to get vaccines.

4. 3 Questions to Ask When an Employee Makes a Mistake
No employee, and no human, is infallible. Mistakes happen. This article offers advice for how to avoid letting your emotions get the best of you in those situations and instead do what you can to get your employee back on track and set them up for future success.

3. Drones to Predict Where Water Pipes Are At Risk of Bursting
With leaking and burst water pipes costing water authorities and consumers time and money, researchers in the United Kingdom are developing drone technology to help predict which areas, and even which specific pipes, are at risk of water loss through corrosion.

2. Pipe Lining Innovation Allows Liners to Cure Unattended
A pipe lining newcomer completed four lateral lining jobs in a single day using a new product that allows liners to cure unattended. Russell Joe, owner of Quality Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Danvers, Massachusetts, says he recouped the money he invested in the lining equipment within eight hours.

1. Municipalities Look to Clay Pipe Amidst Ongoing PVC Shortage
Our most popular article of the year examines issues within the industry’s supply chain that has let to a shortage in PVC plastic. Shortly after the devastating winter storm in Texas in early 2021, Kent Carlson of the National Clay Pipe Institute started getting calls about the availability of clay pipe from cities that had traditionally used PVC.


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