News Briefs: Iran-Linked Group Suspected in U.S. Water Facility Cyberattacks

Also in this week's sewer and water news, a puppy is rescued from a San Antonio sewer after an eight-hour effort

News Briefs: Iran-Linked Group Suspected in U.S. Water Facility Cyberattacks

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is probing multiple cyberattacks suspected to be conducted by an Iranian government-linked group, Cyber Av3ngers, against American water facilities using
Israeli technology. 

These incidents include a notable breach at a Pennsylvania water authority and another cyberattack at a water utility serving 2 million people in North Texas. Although the hacks have not caused significant disruptions, they have raised concerns due to the vulnerability of the U.S. water infrastructure. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency are
investigating these incidents.

Puppy Rescued From San Antonio Sewer

In a heartwarming rescue in San Antonio, Texas, a puppy trapped in a sewer line was saved after an intensive eight-hour operation. The incident occurred when the puppy, playing outside her home, fell into the sewer along with two other puppies. 

While the San Antonio Fire Department managed to rescue the first two in short order, the third puppy remained trapped. San Antonio Water System crews employed televising cameras to locate and rescue
the third puppy.

Citizen-Led Stormwater Monitoring Debuts in Rhode Island

The Providence (Rhode Island) Stormwater Innovation Center recently launched RainSnap, a unique initiative inviting volunteers and paid contributors to monitor stormwater and green infrastructure across the state. Funded by grants, the project aims to assess the effectiveness of existing infrastructure.

So far, around 200 videos have been submitted to RainSnap, offering valuable insights into the performance of stormwater systems. Ryan Kopp, the center’s director, notes the footage has been instrumental for the owners and operators of these systems, allowing for potential maintenance and functional improvements. The program also educates the community about the role of stormwater and green infrastructure in flood mitigation and water management.


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