CUES’ New and Improved Currahee Cutters 2.0

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CUES’ New and Improved Currahee Cutters 2.0

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CUES is proud to introduce the new and improved Currahee Cutters 2.0. Currahee Cutters provide a number of solutions for pipe inspection and rehabilitation — from clearing blockages, debris, protruding laterals and roots, to reinstating laterals in a CIPP liner. The cutters function in a range of 5.25- through 12-inch pipe, are equally effective in CIPP or fold and form liners, and can be installed on a CUES K2 truck-mounted cutter system. The Currahee Cutter system performs optimally using 1,000 feet to 1,500 feet of cable and is operated with the CUES gamepad controller. 

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