The Effect of Screen Design on Capture Rate and Plant Maintenance

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Wastewater treatment plants have become sophisticated in collecting data on the costs associated with maintenance, repair, replacement and efficient operation. Operations personnel are generally the first to identify persistent maintenance and repair expenses and trace them back to the source. That source for many repetitive maintenance and repair expenses can be found at the headworks of the plant. This presentation will help you understand the various designs for headworks screens and how those designs impact trash capture; the financial impact that solids entering the downstream processes has on plant operations; how screen opening affects capture; and the difference between a high-performance fine screen and other fine screens, as well as how high performance is verified. This information is important for plant personnel, who are on the front line of plant operations and should be knowledgeable in the design and capabilities of various types of screening equipment. More and more plant operations personnel are part of the decision-making process when new headworks screens are being purchased. Basing that decision on a clear understanding of the capabilities of each type of screen will lead to better, more cost-effective screen selection.

Matt Bodwell is the national sales manager for Illinois-based Enviro-Care, a WAMGROUP company specializing in the manufacture of headworks equipment for screening and related solids and grit management for the North American market. Bodwell graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, providing him with a solid background in mechanical design that has helped him throughout his career in the water and wastewater industries. Bodwell started his career working for Hydro International where he spent eight years as an applications engineer, working internally to support the sales team in the field with headworks and combined sewage treatment equipment. He eventually transitioned to join the external sales team and was in the field for more than 2 1/2 years before joining Enviro-Care. At Enviro-Care, he has continued working as an external sales resource while covering the Midwestern U.S. and eastern Canada, becoming the national sales manager in 2018.

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