4 Ways to Use Your Inspection Equipment as a Marketing Tool

General’s systems are equipped with features that make it easy to share inspection results with your customers

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4 Ways to Use Your Inspection Equipment as a Marketing Tool

When thinking about marketing tools, the first things that come to mind are often things like social media, advertising, logos and promotions. But what about the tools in your truck? How can your drain cleaning equipment help raise the perceived value of your service and help the next part of your job? If you’re using a video pipe inspection system, many of General’s latest products have built-in features designed to keep your customers happy and informed in ways that will reflect on your business. Here are just some of the ways video pipe inspection systems can be essential to your marketing arsenal.

1. Use the voiceover and titling features

Some video inspection systems, such General’s Gen-Eye USB, come equipped with a full keyboard for adding titles to your videos and an internal microphone to add a voice-over to your videos. This allows you to thoroughly explain what is happening during the inspection so that the customer can go back and re-watch the video to better understand the problem. You can also use the voice-over and text entry to explain other services you can provide the customer and potentially sell the next part of the job.

2. Deliver your inspection results in a flash (literally)

Machines such as the Gen-Eye X-POD and Gen-Eye USB series now allow you to record your inspection directly onto a flash drive. Instead of only giving the customer the option to review inspection while you’re at their home or business, now you can physically hand them the results for them to review at their leisure. In addition to having the benefit of putting your inspection job in your customer’s hand, video inspection systems with flash drive compatibility also have great branding potential. Flash drives are affordable and can easily be customizable to sport company logos and websites, so your inspection job can double as a promotional item.

3. Think outside the box when you present the inspection results

With some of General’s camera systems, you don’t even need a flash drive to record the inspection. The Gen-Eye POD and Gen-Eye USB include a Wi-Fi transmitter to send the video or photos directly to your phone or tablet to be recorded. Your customers can watch the inspection live, or you can email it to them or post the video to YouTube or other social media. 

4. Go where others can’t

One way to stand out from the competition is to have equipment that can do top notch inspection jobs in those hard-to-reach areas like furnaces, duct work and crawlspaces. Fortunately, the Gen-Eye Micro-Scope2 and Gen-Eye X-POD feature a 3-foot probe rod with color camera to inspect hard-to-reach places like furnaces, ductwork and crawl spaces. It also includes three adapters to retrieve objects and improve your viewing angle to give the customer better results.

We all know how much customers value transparency when choosing a drain cleaning service. Being able to quickly provide inspection results with clear pictures, titles and voiceovers can improve that transparency between you and the customer and help secure that next job.

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