7 Tips for Approaching Safety Like a Sea Captain

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7 Tips for Approaching Safety Like a Sea Captain

Here’s an interesting safety tip courtesy of an unexpected source: actor Tom Hanks.

Hanks was interviewed about his role in the movie “Captain Phillips,” the true story of a kidnapped sea captain. He recalled what he learned from the real Captain Phillips.

“He begins and ends his day with a walk-around of the entire ship. You’d be amazed how often a bolt is not in place or something isn’t lashed down. The next thing you know, you can lose half your cargo,” Hanks said.

Try doing a daily walk-through of your own workplace or area. Check your drain cleaning machines, and other tools, for the following key safety items:

1. Check machines for damaged power cords, pulled out strain reliefs, damaged switches and missing ground prongs.

2. Check that all machines have a ground fault circuit interrupter. The GFCI should be integrated into the power cord so that not only the machine but also the cord is protected.

3. Check that all machines use a pneumatic foot pedal, an air bubble connected to the machine through an air hose, so there’s no electricity running from the pedal to the machine.

4. Make sure leather gloves are being used. Never use any other type of glove, such as cloth or rubber when handling the cable as these can get caught between the coils of the cable and take off a finger.

5. Make sure safety glasses are available and are worn when operating the machine to protect your eyes from debris that may spray from the drain.

6. Make sure your machine has a belt guard.

7. Replace worn or lost safety decals.

Walk the work area a few times a day with an eye out for little things that are out of place. Bring a coworker along for an extra set of eyes — a safety first mate.

If you find you need to replace worn or lost safety devices on your General Pipe Cleaners drain cleaning machine, visit www.drainbrain.com, or call the Drain Brains at 800-245-6200.


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