Netting System Captures Debris from Stormwater Runoff

StormX from Storm Water Systems

The StormX full-capture netting system from Storm Water Systems collects trash, litter and debris from runoff. Available in sizes from 18 to 60 inches in diameter (custom sizes available), the system uses easily detached and emptied HDPE netting designed to stop floatable and non-floatable trash and debris down to 5 mm.

“According to stormwater engineers, floating litter and debris constitutes about 15 to 20 percent of the litter out there,” says Gary Hopkins, company president. “There’s probably another 75 to 80 percent of non-floatables that are going into our waterways, and that’s what we hope to go after with this product.”

The collection system has stainless steel hubs anchored in concrete for a weir configuration, or it can be attached to existing pipe ends or outfalls. Weir configurations best serve outfalls larger than 70 inches.

“The concept is to catch all litter as it comes out of an outfall line before it enters the stream,” Hopkins says. “California has enacted some laws that require everything to be captured down to the size of a cigarette butt, and StormX is that kind of product.”

Hopkins recommends inspecting the commercial-grade fishing nets with UV stabilization after each rain event to see if they need changing. Built-in overflow mechanisms allow heavy runoff to flow unimpeded. System overflow capacity can be calculated with a downloadable calculator at

The product was developed in Australia and has been used there for 15 years. The first United States installation took place in Los Angeles 10 years ago, and those nets are still being used, Hopkins says. The nets are typically five feet long, and extended lengths are available. Nets can be detached and emptied by a two-man crew and truck crane. For more information, call 888/730-5819 or visit


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