Manholes and Catch Basins

Manholes and Catch Basins

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External seal

The Infi-Shield external seal from Sealing Systems prevents erosion and infiltration in manholes or catch basins. The one-piece molded seal is made from EPDM rubber and has a reinforced, preformed L-shaped corner. The product is bonded with non-hardening butyl mastic and it will pass a vacuum test. It installs in minutes without special tools. 800/478-2054; www.ssisealing


High-speed nozzle

The Model SPN nozzle from RFI Construction Products is a high-speed spinning nozzle for applying wet shotcrete mortars, grouts and epoxies to circular surfaces such as manholes. It can line 4- to 120-inch diameters. Linings can range from 1/8 to 4 inches thick, and output depends on size of pump and nozzle. The spraying head is powered by its own air motor, which is controlled by the operator. Various capacity nozzles from 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter handle fibers and aggregate up to 3/8-inch diameter. 631/752-8899;


Fast-reacting grout

Parson Seal-Tite from Parson Environmental Products is a moisture-insensitive, two-component, fast-reacting hydrophobic polyurethane grout designed to stop high-volume active leaks up to 50 gpm in manholes, pump stations and other structures. The chemical-resistant formula cures to a dense, rigid mass in about 30 seconds. The product is packaged in a dual cartridge with a static mixer and is injected at or near the source of the leak, using a manual dual-component caulk gun. The material contains no solvents, CFCs or HFCs. 800/356-9023; www.


Flexible coating

Green Monster Liner from GML Coatings is a flexible coating that protects concrete, steel and fiberglass structures. The process uses sandblasting and waterblasting to remove corrosion in existing structures. The structures are then built back to their original thickness with 100 percent fused calcium aluminate mortar.

After the surface has been brought to a smoothed brushed finish, a primer is applied followed by the final protective barrier of Green Monster. The product is highly resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas and other chemicals. It is spray-applied from the ring of the manhole down to the coating of the bench. Its flexibility prevents cracking of the topcoat and hydrogen sulfide gases from attacking the substrate. 941/755-2176;


Seamless tubing

Tuff Tube vacuum tubing from UEMSI is seamless tubing with a wall thickness of 0.100 inch used for manhole and catch basin cleaning. Its high-strength alloy allows it to last three times longer than standard aluminum tubing and makes it 28 percent more dent resistant. The material is extruded from 6061 aluminum and heat-treated for extra strength. During its use, the product gets stronger as the material being vacuumed comes in contact with the tube walls. 800/666-0766;


Zoom camera

With Haloptic technology, the new QuickView pole camera from Envirosight doubles the range of zoom inspection while targeting illumination with improved precision. It is suited for rapid, complete assessments of pipeline infrastructure. The design also includes an auxiliary wide-angle camera with diffuse illumination, allowing inspection of manholes and vessels with the flip of a switch. 866/936-8476;


Pole-mounted inspection system

The QZ2 from CUES is a lightweight, portable, pole-mounted video inspection system that can be operated by one person. It is mounted on a lightweight carbon fiber adjustable telescopic pole that can extend up to 24 feet (34-foot pole is available).

It has a 420:1 zoom with built-in image stabilization, automatic focus and self-contained waterproof lighting for enhanced detailed viewing of cracks, breaks, pipe separations, scale and various defect. It can be used to identify a blockage at a manhole, access port, or other entry point without entry. The device includes two high-intensity discharge lights. 800/327-7791;


Chemically activated gel

AV-100 from Avanti is an ultra-low viscosity chemically activated gel available as a powder or liquid. Having the same viscosity as water, it quickly permeates the substrate and cures to form a matrix with soil and porous rock, creating an effective, long-lasting water barrier and soil stabilizer. 800/877-2570;


Thermosetting epoxy

The Manhole Rehab System from Infrastructure Repair Systems is a two-component, 100 percent solids thermosetting epoxy that comes in two trowel-on applications to seal and stop leaks by creating a new lining within the manhole. Chim Coat, for chimney rehab of the manhole, expands and contracts with changing temperatures nearest to the surface. Infragard Topcoat can be applied as a patch or to the rest of the manhole as needed. The system can be used as a coating or sealant for catch basins. The corrosion-resistant product bonds to wet or dry surfaces and conforms to any shape. 877/327-4216;


One size fits all

The CIPMH manhole system from LMK Technologies is a universal, stretchable, one-size-fits-all system that produces a structural cured-in-place seal to resist freeze-thaw conditions. The stretchable liner allows site preparation and installation to occur the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering. The product can be installed as a structural chimney seal or full-depth CIPP manhole lining. Once the liner has been vacuum impregnated and manually inverted into the manhole, it cures ambiently under pressure for one to two hours, depending on depth. 815/433-1275; www.performance


Grade adjustment

The Pro-Ring manhole grade adjustment system from Cretex Specialty Products replaces heavy concrete rings and brick in construction of manhole chimneys. It is HS-25 load rated and can seal the chimney section from water inflow and infiltration. The rings, with one-tenth the weight of concrete, come in one-quarter-inch height increments and eliminate shims and mortar. Manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP), the rings outlast concrete and protect the cone and barrel section from impact loads of traffic. 800/345-3764;


Polymer manhole cover

The FiberShield manhole cover from McGard reduces the risk of injury when pulling manhole covers. The polymer cover weighs 80 percent less than cast iron. The integrated locking system (necessary because of its light weight) prevents removal and requires a registered key to operate. 716/ 662-8980;


Pipe-to-manhole connector

The A-LOK Premium from A-LOK Products is a pipe-to-manhole connector for stormwater containment systems. It can change shape with the outside diameter of the pipe as the liquid-filled core material inside the device redistributes itself to maintain seal pressure. This flexibility allows easier pipe installation and accepts a wide range of pipe diameters. 215/547-3366;


Odor filter insert

Simple Solutions offers a green odor-control solution in the Wolverine manhole odor filter insert. The device is custom made to fit exact dimensions, ensuring quality installation. Each unit is manufactured from a durable high-density polyethylene copolymer that meets ASTM D-1248 Class A, Category 5, Type III. The carbon canister is made of PVC and corrosion-resistant components. 866/667-8465;


Thermal smoke generator

The TURBO-FOG MH75 thermal smoke generator from Kingscote Chemicals operates in manhole openings from 19 to 30 inches. Designed to be totally self-contained, it uses the company’s leakproof liquid smoke cartridges to generate dense and uninterrupted white smoke. The unit generates more than 7,500 cfm of airflow and is constructed from 11 gauge steel, laser-cut and powder-coated for precision and durability. A foam cell bottom gasket is applied to create a leak-free seal around the manhole and reduce vibration and noise. 800/394-0678;


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