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August Product News
Condux Offers HDD Backreamers

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Radiodetection Introduces Locators with Compass, DOP

The RD7000 line of cable and pipe locators with compass from Radiodetection include dynamic overload protection, extending the locator’s area of operation into electrically noisy environments. The compass feature provides a visual orientation of the target pipe or cable. 877/247-3797;


InfraMetrix, Solutions Modex Launch Decision Support Software

InfraModex infrastructure information decision support software from InfraMetrix LLC and Solutions Modex Inc. is designed to help municipalities predict and prioritize capital expenditure spending on physical infrastructure and develop long-term, economical intervention plans while maintaining an acceptable level of service. The software uses aging models and user-defined decision trees, such as water distribution, wastewater collection and roads to simulate any number of maintenance scenarios. 813/740-2510;


Condux Offers HDD Backreamers

The Triple D line of horizontal directional drilling, compaction boring tools and backreamers from Condux International includes solid body and solid body fluted reamers, wing reamers, clay reamers, as well as stacked plate and barrel reamers. All units are manufactured from either solid alloy steel, tool steel or heat-treated alloy steel. Each reamer is available in a range of sizes with various swivel options (when applicable). 507/387-6576;


Hammelmann Introduces RD Flex 3000 Spray Head

The RD Flex 3000 spray pistol head from Hammelmann is designed to replace traditional pneumatic spray pistols and tumble boxes. Rotation speed can be adjusted by turning the adjuster ring. Nozzle heads can be easily exchanged to suit the work at hand or pump being used. The head can be used with any type of bypass spray pistol. 800/783-4955; www.hammel


HOBAS Offers Centrifugally Cast Pipe

Centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe from HOBAS Pipe USA is corrosion-resistant and has a life expectancy of 100 years. Available in standard 20-foot sections, pipe diameters range from 18 to 110 inches for both pressure and gravity applications. 800/856-7473;


Prime Resins Introduces Kick Fast Catalyst

Kick Fast catalyst from Prime Resins enables Prime Flex 920 to react and reach full rise three times faster. The single-component, water-activated, hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin can be used to stop gushing leaks in below grade structures, fill voids and stabilize soils. 800/321-7212;


MJK Offers Submersible Level Transmitters

Series 700 submersible level transmitters from MJK continuously measure water levels in wells and other clean-water applications where an opening or wellhead is too small for conventional level transmitters. The transmitter has an outside diameter of 0.63 inches and has a semirigid and slick polyethylene cable, enabling it to slide deep into small I.D. pipe. 877/655-5465;


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