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Hydrostatic cleaner

The Model 800 hydrostatic sewer cleaner from Electric Eel can clean 4- to 24-inch pipelines for distances up to 650 feet. A hand lever controls the infinitely variable cleaning speeds through an automatic transmission at full torque from 50 to 1,000 rpm. The unit runs 8-foot sectional heavy-duty self-feeding cables that require no handling by the operator and allow fast cleaning. Snap-lock couplings provide easy and dependable joining of the heavy-duty cable sections with no setscrews, nuts or loose pins. An 8 hp gasoline engine or an optional 9 hp diesel engine provide ample horsepower. 800/833-1212;


New blade design

The Puma Fang cutter saw blade from Southland Tool has heavy-duty saw blades in a sectional 120-degree opposed formationto the root cutter axis. The blade is designed to rip, whip and cut roots from the center outward in a circular circumferential mode and with initial contact in the center where a hardened steel point guides the cutting section into the center of the root mass. The design uses a heavy-duty saw blade configured into a 1-inch hub for a hydraulic root cutter. The blade is available in sizes from 6 to 18 inches. 714/632-8198;


Root cutter kits

Pro Root Cutter kits from Amazing Machinery are designed for 3/8- or 1/2-inch NPT jetters. The high-speed rotating nozzle is designed to cut roots and remove scale and debris. The kit operates with wire extensions in PVC and clay tile lines and with chain extensions in iron pipes. Users can change from wires to chains quickly with only an Allen wrench. The 3/8-inch kit is recommended for use with 18 hp or larger jetters, and the 1/2-inch cutter for 24 hp or larger jetters. Kits include a stainless steel rotating head, chains and wires for 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch lines, and a storage box. The company will custom-drill the orifices. 800/504-7435;


Jet-powered cutter

The O’Brien Root Cutter, a hydrojet-powered cutter from Spartan Tool, includes hydraulic motors that use the flow from a waterjet to propel themselves down sewer lines to root intrusions and blockages. Case-hardened, high-speed cutting saws then rip and shred roots.

The unit comes in an impact-resistant toolbox with quick-change skids to center the unit in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch lines. The circular, compressible spring-like saws are sized to stay just under the pipe diameter and have cutting teeth on both sides to ensure complete root removal. The cutter operates on 3/4- or 1-inch hoses at pressures up to 2,000 psi and flows from 35 to 60 gpm. 800/435-3866;


Jet-driven cutters

The Cnt-r-KUT Elite cutter from Arthur Products Co. is a rotating mechanical tool with interchangeable chain and cable on the same rotor. The unit operates at 2,000 to 10,000 psi. The lightweight, flexible centering device, engineered from an aerospace elastomer, allows the cutter to navigate the contour of the pipe. Advance jet porting uses both rotor sidekick jets optimizing rotational force and rear thruster jets for maximum propulsion. The tool is available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 1-inch NPT. 800/322-0510;


Multipurpose cutting nozzles

Lumberjack cutters from NozzTeq are low-torque, variable-speed, multipurpose nozzles. The cutting chains rotate at 10,000 to 50,000 rpm. The cutter is designed to cut roots but also effectively clears concrete, tuberculation, grease, protruding laterals and other obstructions.

Low torque means the cutter will not get stuck, harm host pipe, or spin off the hose end. The cutters are sealed, grease-lubricated, and water-cooled for low maintenance. The drive shaft and turbine are made of hardened steel, and the supply tube is made of stainless steel. Nozzles last for seven to 15 years and are easy to rebuild. Six models clear pipes from 3 to 48 inches. The kit includes turbine, water supply tube, chain plate/pull plate, tow ring, cutting blade, sleds, five sets of chain per sled size, propelling nozzle with jets and adapter, spanner wrench, hand tools and toolbox. 866/620-5915;


Effective chemical

Vaporooter uses a combination of metam sodium and dichlobenil to destroy roots and inhibit regrowth. Metam sodium destroys root cells on contact while dichlobenil bonds to pipe walls, joints and cracks, preventing new root growth. The treatment is applied with the Jet Set Commander that lets operators go from jetting to foaming at the push of a touchscreen button and then retrieve the hose while filling the pipe with foam. The computerized system can be added to most jet trucks. 800/841-1444;


Low-maintenance nozzles

Root Rat cutting nozzles from Chempure are used with jetters from 11 hp units to large truck-mounted models. Manufactured of hardened stainless steel, the cutters come with a toolbox with two interchangeable rotors: one with cables and the other with chains. The combination kit includes extra chain, cable and bearings. They need no repair or rebuilding other than bearing replacement, which can be completed in less than two minutes for less than $10 in parts. 800/288-7873;


Multifunction tools

ClogChopper multifunction cutting tools from General Pipe Cleaners have six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses and grind up stoppages, scale and crystallized urine without pipe damage. The spherical design maneuvers around tight bends and traps, thoroughly and safely cleaning metal, plastic and clay pipes. The tools are available in sizes from 1 to 4 inches and can be used for clearing stacks, downspouts and mains. 800/245-6200;


Two-part foam

RootX is an easy-to-apply two-part foaming chemical with a root regrowth inhibitor used by plumbers and homeowners. Once the two-part mixture has been introduced into the pipeline it is charged with water, causing it to foam and coat the pipe walls, roots and other surfaces. The product can be applied in larger lines with jetting equipment and the RootX applicator. 800/844-4974;


High-torque cutter

The Smart Cutter from Sewer Equipment Co. of America combines the power of a high-torque root cutter with the low maintenance of a chain cutter. There is no need to keep the cutter in an oil bath. It effectively removes roots in lines from 4 to 15 inches and is available with curved or flat blades. 800/323-1604;


Chain cutters

The Turbo family of chain cutters from USB-Sewer Equipment Corporation are made of tempered stainless steel. The chain retainer is driven by a high-performance turbine for effective removal of roots, grease and mineral deposits from 4- to 36-inch lines. The flexible chains do not damage pipes. The Turbo II–IV flexible chain cutters have a continuously adjustable guide skid that can be dialed to within 1/16 inch. Attachments include a diamond tap cutter that cuts out protruding laterals. 770/984-8880;


Effective pipe cleaning

The Enz Golden Jet 10.125TR turbine nozzle operates at flows as low as 13 gpm at 2,000 psi. The turbine design allows for lower flow and less water usage while maintaining high torque for effective cleaning in 5- to 12-inch lines. Sealed bearings allow the nozzle to be operated with clean or recycled water. The tool removes roots as well as grease, solids, mineral deposits, concrete and grout. With the complete kit, users can select precut chains, skids, and two head styles. 877/369-8721;


Jetter nozzle

With a working pressure of 3,000 psi, the Root Ranger 3000 jetter nozzle from RIDGID can remove root obstructions, grease, sludge and mud. The rear-facing jet produces a stream that shears roots from the drain walls. The jet also blasts away buildup and debris, while the pointed penetrating head helps the nozzle push through obstructions. 800/474-3443;


Foaming units

Mini-foamer systems from Municipal Sales come in two portable models: a hand-truck-mounted version that can apply at 2.5 gpm and an equipment case version that applies at about half that flow. The units combine a chemical solution with compressed air to create the foam and come with factory-set proportioning. Foam is delivered through a flow-through plug/hose assembly that keeps the foam isolated and directed toward a downstream target area. Users can also use an open-ended hose to apply grease- and odor-control products to grease traps and wet wells. Units operate on 110 volts, are self-contained, and come with all necessary hoses. 518/747-2044;


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