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October Product News
Aries Offers Pathfinder Camera Tractor

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RIDGID Introduces One-Touch Digital Monitor

The one-touch SeeSnake CS-10 digital monitor from RIDGID can record still images and video. It features video and image playback and auto-log recording, which compresses files to help save memory on the USB thumb drive. The monitor comes with SeeSnake HQ software and DVD burning or uploading to RIDGIDConnect. The 12.1-inch monitor has enhanced daylight readability and comes with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Super Products Introduces Mud Dog Hydroexcavator

The Mud Dog 1600 hydroexcavator from Super Products LLC is designed to meet the excavation challenges inherent in oil field, mining and cold-weather applications. The unit has a 16-cubic-yard debris body, 1,500-gallon water capacity and rear-mounted boom with 335-degree rotation and the ability to pivot down 25 degrees for eight feet of extra digging and access to hard-to-reach areas. The hydroexcavator delivers up to 18 gpm of water pressure at 3,000 psi in combination with an 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system that provides airflow of 5,800 cfm at 28 inches Hg. Features include single-engine design for lower fuel and maintenance costs and onboard boiler with 714,000 Btu/hour capacity. Winter recirculation, antifreeze and air-purge systems ensure performance in the harshest of climates, while the heated aluminum cabinet offers easy access and increased storage. Other features include a debris body that can tilt twofeet for faster offloading and wash downs. 800/837-9711; www.superproductscorp.com.


Oldham Introduces Gas Detection Transmitter

The OLCT 200 fixed gas detection transmitterfrom Oldham is designed for use with multiple gas detection technologies, including electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and photoionization detection sensors. The unit can simultaneously display two different gases. It can be configured for two-wire and three-wire 4-20 mA analog output, Modbus RTU digital output, HART communication and wireless communication. Optional onboard programmable relays can be configured with either a painted aluminum or stainless steel explosion-proof housing, or a cold climate heater. 800/338-3287; www.oldham gas.com.


Standard Equipment Offers Machine Evaluation, Rebuilding

Custom rebuilt jetters, combination sewer cleaners, sewer inspection cameras or any type of sewer maintenance equipment are available from Standard Equipment Co. Standard Equipment uses a two-step evaluation process. Each unit is evaluated in the field. Both body and chassis are inspected and refurbished to one of three levels based on customer specifications. 800/633-2997; www.standardequipment.com.


Devcon Offers Abrasion Protection

DFense Blok wearing compound from ITW Devcon is an alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy compound that, when used with DFense Blok Surface Wetting Agent, increases drop impact strength. It can be used in the repair, rebuilding and protection of pipe elbows, scrubbers, ash handling systems, cyclones, fan blades, pump boxes, float cells, screw conveyors, augers and other abrasion applications. Available in 30-pound pails, the product is mixed 2:1 and has a working time of 25 minutes at room temperature. A nonsagging compound, it can be applied by trowel at a thickness of 3/4 inch on vertical surfaces and 1/2 inch on overhead surfaces. It achieves functional cure in 4-5 hours and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F. 800/933-8266; www.devcon.com.


GapVax Introduces Industrial Vacuum

The XVT industrial vacuum from GapVax Inc. is designed to remove heavy sludges, such as drilling fluid, grease, septic and wastewater. The positive displacement blower can pressure offload up to 14 psi (rated 1,400 cfm and 28 inches Hg). The body is made of 1/4-inch ASTM A-572 Grade 50 steel with a payload option from 80 to 100 barrels and 40-degree dump angle. The filtration system has a 10-micron washable Dacron filter and requires no tools to access. The unit has a full-opening tailgate with dual-lift cylinder and field-adjustable locks for a complete seal. Options include hydroexcavation package, lift axle, integral water tank, safety lighting, storage compartments and heavy-duty rear bumper. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.


MAX-LIFE Introduces Grit Catcher

The Vac Trap grit catcher from MAX-LIFE Mfg. Corp. features a 6- to 24-inch throat for easier connection to vacuum tubes and a back stop-leg that prevents the device from becoming stuck in a pipe. The grit catcher connects to any combination vacuum cleaner tube. 888/873-6295; www.flexmax.com.


Serious Thermal Introduces Ground-Thawing Machine

The Serious Toaster ground-thawing machine from Serious Thermal Products Ltd. thaws up to 1.6 inches deep per hour in a 2-foot by 10-foot area. Multiple units can be placed in a series or other configuration to accommodate larger applications. The unit is controlled by a solid-state electronic system and fueled by propane. Delivering 60,000 Btus, it produces no open flame and can be placed next to buildings and utility pedestals. Weighing 345 pounds, the units fit in a standard pickup bed and can be moved by two people. They can operate in temperatures down to -40 degrees F. 403/671-7393; www.serioustoaster.com.


Reelcraft Introduces Ultimate-Duty Jetter Reels

Ultimate-duty jetter hose reels from Reelcraft Industries Inc. hold up to 500 feet of 1 1/2-inch-diameter hose. Reels feature a carbon-steel, heavy-duty, fully welded spool and frame with heavy-duty bearings. The design offers the strength of a single piece of metal, superior bearing support and perfect alignment without the need for adjustment. 800/444-3134; www.reelcraft.com.


Innovative Equipment Introduces Towable Mini-Excavator

TMX Towable Mini-Excavators from Innovative Equipment feature a quick-on and quick-off hitch system and zero-turn technology for access in tight locations. Available in gasoline or diesel models, the excavators can be towed by a 1/2-ton pickup, van or light-duty tow vehicle. No trailer is needed and no CDL license is required. Lockout hubs enable towing at up to 65 mph. Weighing 2,941 pounds, the excavator has an 8-foot digging depth, 6,600-pound digging force and 7-foot, 2-inch loading height with swing radius of 140 degrees. It also has a 72-inch, four-way blade system with 21 degrees of tilt. 715/359-3002; www.tmx-excavator.com.


TRU-Vu Offers Optically Bonded Monitors

Optically bonded monitors from TRU-Vu Monitors are designed for viewing LCD, LED and plasma displays on bright, sunny days. Optical bonding injects a clear, optical-grade resin into the gap between the LCD panel and protective outer glass, filling the air gap between the two and eliminating two reflective surfaces. An antireflective coating is applied to the outside of the protective glass, minimizing surface reflections by 98 percent. It also prevents the monitor’s contrast ratio from deteriorating. 847/259-2344; www.tru-vumonitors.com.


Aries Offers Pathfinder Camera Tractor

The Pathfinder XL inspection camera tractor from Aries Industries features a six-wheel steerable drive system, enabling it to maneuver over virtually any obstruction or offset joint. Tires range from 3 3/8 inches for relined 8-inch pipe to optional 10-inch tires with bolt-on gear-reduction side plates for 36-inch and larger pipe. The tractor also converts from wheeled to tread-track drive. Other features include tip-up connector with integral rear-viewing camera and LED lights, sealed and pressurized electronics cavities, on-screen diagnostics, brushless DC drive motors with temperature sensors and permanently lubricated drive gears. The transporter has a built-in 512 Hz sonde beacon for locating and optional auxiliary light. 800/234-7205; www.ariesindustries.com.


Bredel Offers Pumps for Abrasive Materials

Heavy-duty SPX hose pumps from Bredel are made for sludge handling, filter press/centrifuge feed and line and carbon slurries. Advanced hose technologies enable the unit to pump grit-filled sludge. The pumps are virtually maintenance free with no seals to replace, no valves to clog and no rotors, stators or lobes to wear out. 800/282-8823; www.wmpg.com.


CAS Introduces Remote Data Logger

The DT85M Series 3 data logger from CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker is designed for remote monitoring. The low-power device has an integrated cellular modem for advanced communication options. Its backlit LCD display shows channel data, alarms and system status, all navigable with the six-button keypad. The remote monitoring equipment has a temperature operating range of -22 degrees to 185 degrees F. The unit has 16 analog input channels, expandable to 320 channels and 960 analog points using optional CEM20 modules, as well as 12 flexible digital channels. 800/956-4437; www.dataloggerinc.com.


SubSurface Instruments Introduces Magnetic Locator

The ML-3 magnetic locator from SubSurface Instruments Inc. is available in 40- and 55-inch models. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the locator is waterproof up to 75 feet. Readings can be heard underwater. The digitally tuned locator has an auto-zero feature that enables the user to cancel or compensate for ambient magnetic or magnetic gradient in soil. 920/347-1788; www.ssilocators.com.


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