Location and leak Detection

Location and leak Detection
Water loss control

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Water loss control

Water loss control products from ADS include leak locators, flow measurement systems and data logging systems. The Enigma digital logging correlation system combines noise logging and noise correlation into one operation. The location products are powered by technology from Primayer Ltd. 800/633-7246; www.adsenv.com.


Cable locator

The Pro871 cable locator from Armada Technologies incorporates a dual-frequency transmitter and sensitive receiver. The unit tracks CATV, electrical, telephone and lighting cable, then transmits a beep signal. The transmitter needs to be connected to ground at the wire to be tracked. The locator features high and low frequency and either null or peak tracking. The included IC871 inductive clamp allows nonmetallic connection to wires and cables. 616/536-2038; www.armadatech.com.


Defect software

MuniXS entry-level data collection software from PipeLogix captures and analyzes leaks, inflow and infiltration and other pipeline defects. The survey mode is certified to PACP and NASSCO 6.0 standard. The software interfaces with most CCTV controllers. The survey wizard guides the user through creating a survey and filling in the required entry fields.

The data collection software records digital WMV video files with a USB 2.0 recording device. Still videos can be captured from live or previously recorded video. A built-in CD/DVD burner provides quick distribution of surveys. Users can import/export to the PACP standard and print or save basic reports in PDF format. 866/299-3150; www.pipelogix.com.


Acoustic leak detection

An acoustic asbestos cement pipe condition assessment and leak detection solution from Echologics Engineering offers a noninvasive means of detecting leaks and measuring the remaining wall thickness of AC pipe in water systems, without breaking ground or disrupting service. The Windows-based solution uses two hydrophones attached to the outside of a span of pipe with a correlator that listens for variations of acoustic signals. 866/324-6564; www.echologics.com.


Smoke generators

The Power Smoker and Power Smoker 2 from Hurco Technologies allow users to test new plumbing installations and identify leaks before final inspections. The systems are safe for indoor use, as all exhaust goes through the plumbing and out the roof vent. The LiquiSmoke used in the smokers will not harm people or pets, and will not stain or cause odor. 800/888-1436; www.gethurco.com.


Valve insertion

Insta-Valve Plus from Hydra-Stop is a permanent, resilient seat wedge valve that provides trouble-free operation and easy insertion. Available in 4- to 16-inch sizes, it can be installed in lines with pressures up to 150 psi and operates with a standard valve key. The valve insertion system is durable and resistant to breakage and leakage. 800/538-7867; www.hydra-stop.com.


Detectable rodders

Duct Hunter detectable rodders from Jameson have copper wire in the rod to trace or map underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching. Connecting a signal transmitter energizes the unit with alternating currents of a specific frequency. When the energized unit is pushed into the underground pipe, the signal radiates outward through the soil to the surface. A signal receiver then detects the frequency applied to the unit by the transmitter. The entire buried utility pipe can be traced and marked from above ground by one person. The unit’s ferrule attaches to a sonde, roller guide or pulling eye. It is available with rod lengths of 300 to 1,000 feet. 803/222-6400; www.jamesonllc.com.


Water tracing dyes

FLT orange fluorescent water tracing dye products from Bright Dyes work for leak detection, input metering and septic system analysis. The dyes act as vivid labels for water and are easily detectable at 1 ppm. They are available in tablet, liquid, powder and wax forms and come in three fluorescent colors (yellow/green, red, orange). 800/394-0678; www.brightdyes.com.


Smoke testing

Smoke generators from Superior Signal Company help find sources of inflow and infiltration causing wet-weather sanitary sewer overflows. The generators come in candles, fluid systems and blowers. The candles provide visible smoke to find faults at long distances, while the fluid systems use an insulated heating chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry output. The generators meet WEF and NASSCO standards. 800/945-8378; www.superiorsignal.com.


Radar location

The Seeker SPR subsurface penetrating radar system from US Radar is an easy-to-operate unit that can infiltrate surfaces such as soil, clay, concrete and brick. Using a touch screen operating system and a range of antenna frequency options, it integrates a complete imaging system in a portable unit.

By transmitting energy pulses through a variety of media, the system can display an image of the subsurface on the operator interface. Users can set a variety of parameters before each unique survey to maximize efficiency. Parameters including soil settings, algorithms, and color palette can be adjusted using the touch screen. The system can be set to focus on a particular depth range. 732/566-2035; www.usradar.com.


Manhole smoker

The self-contained TURBO-FOG MH-75 manhole smoke blower from Kingscote Industries uses liquid smoke cartridges to create dense, white smoke. Made of 11 gauge steel with a powder-coat finish, the blower generates over 7,500 cfm. No additional smoke bombs or garden sprayers are necessary. The unit is available with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine. 800/394-0678; www.turbo-fog.com.


Locator kit

The single-frequency pipe and cable locator kit from Radiodetection includes the RD5000WL locator and RD5000WLT transmitter. The locator has a guidance mode that uses directional arrows and audio tones to guide the operator to the pipe or cable and a single-strength mode that displays the field strength given by the located pipe or cable. Both locator and transmitter are controlled using a single button. 877/247-3797; www.radiodetection.com.


Digital locator

The LD-18 digital water leak detector from SubSurface Locators reduces ambient intermittent noises. Digital electronics sample, detect and suppress sounds every few thousandths of a second. The leak detector comes with amplifier with LCD display, controls and USB connection for PCs. Aviation-grade stereo headphones, PC software and USB cable, heavy-duty ABS plastic carrying case, and magnet base and nutdriver are included. Optional accessories include a sensor with strong magnet and a 9.75-foot cable for valves and hydrants. 877/778-0763; www.subsurfaceleak.com.


Water leak detector

The LD-12 leak detector from SubSurface Instruments has a large meter display with six filters split into three low-side filters (100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz) and three high-side filters (600 Hz, 800 Hz, 1,200 Hz). A limiter switch cuts off all loud noises greater than 110 dBA, while the filter-through switch turns off all filters allowing users to hear sounds from 50 to 15,000 Hz. The unit includes ground plate, magnet base and contact rod. 855/422-6346; www.ssilocators.com.


Range of locators

The vLoc2 range of cable and pipe locators from Vivax-Metrotech include a shorter, lighter version of the vLoc. Battery life is improved and plug-and-play Bluetooth is available for GPS compatibility. The range includes the general purpose vLoc2, combined marker locator vLocML2, and pipeline defect mapper vLocDM2. The addition of overload protection makes the range suitable for all applications.

The vLoc is Web-enabled with lockable features, allowing users to fully configure the unit to their requirements. The vLoc-9800 replaces the Metrotech 9800 series. Features include enhanced color display, ultrasmooth and responsive left/right display, a separate display for peak and sonde locating, and A-Frame fault-find compatibility. 800/446-3392; www.vivax-metrotech.com.


Micro gas detector

The micro CD-100 combustible gas detector from RIDGID offers adjustable sensitivity with a range from 0 to 6,400 ppm (methane). Alerts include visual, audible or vibration with Tri-Mode detection based on the environment. The unit also features a 16-inch flexible detection probe and sensor that automatically calibrates. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Communication module

The 100W ERT module from Itron offers full two-way communications to the meter and time-synchronized interval meter data. When deployed with an integrated leak sensor, the unit can be used in a stand-alone leak detection environment or in concert with Itron’s AMI networks. The module stores 40 days of hourly reads and offers customer-side leak, reverse-flow and tamper alarms. The leak sensor is connected to a dual-input 100W endpoint via a three-conductor cable and inline connector and is completely waterproof. Data can be collected using an FC300SR handheld for walk-by downloading, Mobile Collector 3 (MC3), or Mobile Collector Lite (MCLite) for mobile AMR or via AMI fixed networks. 866/374-8766; www.itron.com.


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