Lift Stations

Lift Stations
Gas detector

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Gas detector

The Jerome J605 hydrogen sulfide analyzer from Arizona Instrument can read 3 parts per billion with a resolution of 20 parts per trillion. The unit is housed in a light, ergonomically designed case. Gold film technology extends unit life. With the addition of mercury vapor or hydrogen sulfide gas, a thin gold film undergoes an increase in electrical resistance proportional to the mass of mercury vapor or hydrogen sulfide in the sample. During normal sampling in range 1 or 2, an ambient air sample is diluted by the flow system at a ratio of 100:1. When sampled in range 0, undiluted air samples are drawn across the gold film sensor. 800/528-7411;


Backup system

The ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp Co. operates on natural gas, making it quiet and environmentally friendly. The unit features a 6-inch Super T Series pump capable of passing 3-inch spherical solids and offers a soundproof, lightweight aluminum enclosure. The enclosure has padlocked door panels and can be removed for maintenance. The unit is a complete backup package, ready for hookup. 419/755-1011;


Lift stations

Lift stations from Quanics come with 22- to 36-inch basins available in any height. Effluent or turbine pumps are available in many sizes with a wide variety of control panels and alarms. Other options include expandable foam insulation for cold climates, pump rails, pressure filters and various size effluent discharges. 877/782-6427;


Pipe support

Pipe supports from RELINER/Duran are adjustable clamping pipe brackets made of noncorrosive 11-gauge 304 stainless steel. They attach pipes to manhole walls and other surfaces with no protruding hardware and are fully adjustable to fit irregular surfaces. Used with the Inside Drop Bowl to eliminate outside drops in sanitary sewers or stormwater drops, they attach to the wall with 3/8-inch stainless steel bolts in noncorrosive shields. Clamps are available in sizes from 1.5 to 30 inches for SDR35, Schedule 40, C900 and CIOD. Other clamp sizes and pump support systems are available. 800/508-6001;


Standby pump

The Enviroprime Standby pump from Thompson Pump is available in sizes from 3 to 18 inches and heads to 430 feet, and can handle flows to 11,000 gpm and solids to 4.25 inches in diameter. The Enviroprime system prevents sewage spills, while the Silent Knight canopy reduces sound levels. The unit meets EPA sound standards at 76 dBA or below at 23 feet with automatic start/stop and automatic monitoring and notification. The pump is available with remote monitoring. 800/767-7310;


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