Pipeline Rehabilitation and Relining

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Field sleeves

Field sleeves from A-LOK can be grouted in an existing manhole to create watertight connections. The sleeves can be used in the plant, or poured in place in the field. They are available for all sizes and styles of A-LOK boot style or compression connectors and can be made for 1- to 90-inch-diameter pipe. 800/822-2565; www.a-lok.com.


Felt liners

Applied Felts offers a full line of felt liners for CIPP installations. All liners are manufactured in one location and are subjected to a multistage testing system. They are custom-made to exact specifications for pipe sizes from 3 to 105 inches. 276/656-1904; www.appliedfelts.com.


Steel trench shields

Trench shields from BakerCorp work for excavation applications of pipeline and sewer construction, horizontal drilling and boring, and repairs. The shields are pulled through the trench as work progresses, making them well-suited for pipe-laying operations. They are available in a variety of lengths and widths and can be stacked for deeper excavations. The shields can handle excavation widths from 2 to 20 feet, and depths from 4 to 20 feet. They are made of heavy-duty steel and meet OSHA standards. 800/225-3712; www.bakercorp.com.


Streamlined cutter

The Dominator 430 from Bowman Tool Company & Systems is a 72-pound reinstatement cutter designed to operate in 6- to 30-inch lined pipe. There is no external air tube, giving the cutter a streamlined design. The head assembly is a pinion-less, quick-change design with only one adjustable gib to reduce adjustment time.

The device is configured for lateral reinstatement with the Bowman 0.8 hp or 1.2 hp crossflow air motor. Optimum performance is reached with the 2.5 hp geared air motor, which reduces reinstatement time by 80 percent. The cutter can be disassembled and reassembled in 30 minutes and has only eight moving parts. All electric motors are isolated at the end of the cutter in a watertight chamber, eliminating water damage and allowing for easy access. The cutter is manufactured from temper-hardened stainless steel and bronze to cut tough liners, including UV-cured liners. 717/432-1403; www.bowmantool.com.


Joint seals

The HydraTite internal joint seal system from Cretex Specialty Products is a mechanical, trenchless remediation for the repair of pipe joints. Made to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration, the seals are low profile to minimize disruption of flow in the pipe and can manage 300 psi operating pressure. The repair system has a rubber seal that spans the joint and is held in place by stainless steel retaining bands, hydraulically expanded and locked in place. Each seal is custom-made to ensure compliance with project specifications. The sealing system is a recognized method of joint repair under AWWA manual M28. 800/345-3764; www.cretexseals.com.


Small and large cutters

Small and large Kangaroo cutters from CUES are designed to open and reinstate wastewater service laterals, remove protruding taps, and brush-finish existing cuts. The cutters work in 6- to 30-inch pipe, are effective in CIPP or fold-and-form lines, and can be installed on any CCTV manufacturer’s truck-mounted system. The small cutter is available with a 0.9 hp air motor for more power, increased productivity, and a smoother cut when operating in 8- to 12-inch lined pipe.

Lubrication can be used but is not necessary because of the oil-less Teflon impregnated vanes. The design prevents resin from entering the motor housing and allows for easier resin removal. Kits are available to retrofit existing cutters and service kits are available for regular maintenance intervals on existing motors. 800/327-7791; www.cuesinc.com.


Remote measuring

Operated from street level, the DiaMetrik from Envirosight measures the depth and width of manholes and the diameter of incoming lines to an accuracy of 0.1 inch, allowing users to configure crawlers properly, complete inspections in accordance with PACP, MACP and similar guidelines, and plan lining jobs.

A collapsible 24-foot pole and articulating measurement head enable the unit to reach every structure requiring measurement, yet it stows in the bed of a pickup. Using an industrial-grade laser, the device takes readings from 4 inches inside pipes to compensate for any inconsistencies at the pipe mouth. It presents readings on a digital display, stores the 10 most recent measurements, offloads readings to a PC, and operates on rechargeable battery power. 973/252-6700; www.envirosight.com.


Jet/vac truck

The GapVax MC Series combination jet/vac truck is made of 3/16-inch ASTM A572 Grade 50 Exten steel and works for hydroexcavation, jetting and waterblasting. Debris bodies range from five to 12 cubic yards. The truck has a unitized stainless steel 2,000-gallon water and debris tank with a double subframe. A heavy-duty double-acting, single-lift cylinder provides a 50-degree dump angle. Vacuum pump options range from 3,500 to 5,000 cfm and up to 27 inches Hg.

The truck comes equipped with an 8-foot front-mounted, telescopic boom with dual lift cylinders, reaching 26 feet with 270-degree rotation. The front-mounted hose reel carries 800 feet of 1-inch hose. The standard water pump is rated at 80 gpm/2,000 psi. Options include a washdown system; hydroexcavation package; extra storage space; heated boxes; liquid-level load indicators; remote pendants and wireless remotes for boom, vacuum break, and water controls; additional work lights; and tube racks. 888/442-7829; www.gapvax.com.


Sealing system

The Insignia Sealing System from LMK Technologies offers O-rings, connection hats and end-seal sleeves as solutions to groundwater infiltration at lateral/mainline connections and manhole penetrations. The seals swell three to five times on contact with water, forming a watertight seal.

The end-seal sleeve offers a large sealing surface, preventing it from falling over once positioned within the pipe. The seamless molding provides a uniform 360-degree compression seal. The end-seal works for pull-in-place and inversion lining. 815/433-1275; www.performance liner.com.


Heated hydroexcavator

The X-Vac X-10 hydroexcavator from Hi-Vac Corp. features a recirculation system that keeps water heated and continuously moving to prevent freezing. Air and water volumes can be independently controlled to provide the ideal mix for any application. Other features include a low-profile debris tank for a lower center of gravity, full-opening rear door, dual cyclone separators with material dropout box for efficient separation, and remote-controlled boom hydraulics. 800/752-2400; www.x-vac.com.


Mechanical drill

MDL mechanical earth drills from Little Beaver offer a safe solution for one-man digging. Featuring a 360 rpm operating speed, the drills are fast and produce clean holes. The MDL-5B and MDL-5H are available with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 5.5 hp engine, and are mounted on 8-inch semi-pneumatic tires. The MDL-8B and MDL-8H are available with a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 8 hp engine, and are mounted on 10-inch pneumatic tires.

Two kits convert the drills into horizontal boring machines. Well-suited for drilling up to 4 feet under sidewalks, the sidewalk auger kit includes a 5-foot extension, with a universal joint, and a 5-foot auger. The water drilling kit includes a water swivel and achieves horizontal drilling distances up to 40 feet. 800/227-7515; www.littlebeaver.com.


Manhole ventilation

The Ripcord Ventilator/Stringer from Hurco Technologies ventilates sewer manholes and makes it easy to get ropes and cables through pipe for testing procedures. It comes in two sizes: the standard Ripcord at 4,200 cfm and the Super Ripcord at 8,000 cfm. The ventilator uses a spark-proof solid-cast aluminum impeller to ensure high airflow and high static pressures. The impeller is precision balanced for smooth performance. The unit comes with a standard 30-inch ring and fits on most manhole configurations. It can be modified for special applications. The ventilator can be used to pull deflection testing gauges through pipelines. 800/888-1436; www.gethurco.com.


Versatile combo machine

The Vac-Con combination machine is available in 3.5- to 6-cubic-yard capacities with hydrostatically driven two- and three-stage centrifugal compressors or several optional positive displacement blowers up to 27 inches Hg. The unit offers a high-pressure, smooth flow water system up to 120 gpm/3,000 psi with cross-linked polyethylene water storage tanks with total capacities up to 1,500 gallons. The machine can be equipped with a 180-degree articulating front-mounted reel with 1,000 feet of 5/8- to 1/4-inch high-pressure hose.

Front-mounted telescopic booms are available with up to a 10-foot extension and 8- and 10-inch tube diameter. The optional hydroexcavation package allows users to reduce the volume of water, maintain pressure for digging, and direct flow through a conventional hand wand. A cyclone separator is available to extract and collect airborne solids in dry vacuuming situations. This can also be used to recover drill “mud” or cuttings in directional drilling operations. The unit is available with a variety of specialized pipe cleaning and excavation tools. 888/491-5762; www.vac-con.com.


Constant-tension winch

The HydroGuide HG12 constant- tension winch from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment features a self-deploying hydraulic boom and downrigger to reduce setup time for pipe bursting, sliplining, pipe-pulling cable and swagelining. The automated boom is raised and lowered by hydraulics and extends to the required length. Once the downrigger is positioned, the support legs are dropped into place and adjusted as required. Optional features include hydraulic leveling jacks and boom extensions. Also available is the HG12AT all-terrain unit mounted on tracks to access tight locations. 800/331-6653; www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.


Thermosetting CIPP

The Inliner CIPP from Inliner Technologies combines a nonwoven engineered tube or liner with the choice of a wide array of thermosetting resins, chosen to fit the pipeline problem and surrounding environment. The liners span pipe from 4 to 120 inches and renew pipe with bends, diameter changes or noncircular geometries. They can be used in gravity and pressure applications. The liners can be installed in contiguous segments of several thousand feet by accessing existing manhole structures. The product can be installed via inversion or pull-in-place methods and cured by a variety of methods. 812/723-0704; www.inliner.net.


Complete lining

The complete lateral system (CLS) from MaxLiner seals lateral pipelines at the connection interface starting from the inside mainline and out into the lateral. The system can be installed in 90-degree bends. Laterals can be lined after the main liner has been installed, and laterals without a cleanout can be lined from the mainline. The lateral system is ICC-ES compliant. 276/656-1225; www.maxlinerusa.com.


Continuous lining

The Top Gun F-24 system from Perma-Liner Industries lines 18- to 24-inch pipes with 600 plus feet of continuous air inversion lining. The unit averages 1 foot of liner inverted per 1.5 seconds. Rapid steam cure allows users to complete multiple shots in one day. The turnkey installation system comes with manifold and hoses. The pre-wet liner requires no wet-out facility. Five days of on-site training and certification are included. 866/336-2568; www.perma-liner.com.


Monitor cure time

The VeriCure system from Pipeline Renewal Technologies monitors cure temperature continuously along the full length of a CIPP liner. This ensures storm and sewer lines are rehabilitated to specification, and perform as intended. Designed to distinguish even small thermal variances, the system measures average temperature in successive 1.5-foot zones.

The system indicates exactly when the liner cure goes exothermic, and when cure and cool-down are complete, reducing fuel waste and the risk of failure due to undercooked midpoints or overcooked liner. The unobtrusive measurement probes are 3 mm in diameter and introduce no sensitive electronics into the pipe. They come in lengths of 500, 700 and 900 feet and are available in custom lengths. The probes are pulled into position by a crawler or jetter, then cut along the liner ends after cure is complete. 866/936-8476; www.pipelinert.com.


Line replacement tool

The model PD-22 service line replacement tool from Pow-R Mole splits and replaces through existing lead, copper and plastic service lines from 3/4 to 2 inches. The single-person-operated machine has a compact, modular design. At 18 inches long and 14 inches wide, it has a total weight of 145 pounds. The tool has 7.5 tons of pull force. Other features include a nonslip cylinder activated jaw, out-of-pit machine controls, a detachable wheeled valve cart, and a 7 hp portable hydraulic power unit. The machine and hydraulic power unit package includes 75 feet of 3/8-inch wire rope, 3/4- to 1-inch splitter head, machine gate extension, and pipe gripper plate. 800/344-6653; www.powrmole.com.


High-pressure hydroexcavator

The AllExcavate hydroexcavator from Vacall includes a high-pressure water system and intelligent control system. The machine removes dirt around water, sewer, gas and other utility lines, and around foundations where mass excavation is not possible. Water pumps are available in 10, 15 and 20 gpm at 3,000 to 3,500 psi. The water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are enclosed in a heated compartment.

The AllSmartFlow CANbus control system has a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow and vacuum performance while allowing more precise boom and reel adjustments. A fully proportional pendant, wired or wireless, is programmable for control away from the chassis. Water tanks are fabricated with high-quality aluminum. The oval-shaped debris body features a hydraulic tailgate. An optional flushing system cleans the interior of the body. The unit uses a single engine. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.


Rod pusher/puller

The compact Model 1915 rod pusher/puller from Poweram installs new underground utilities by pushing steel rods under roadways and pulling the required pipe or cable back. It also can replace existing lines by pulling pipe splitting or pipe bursting tools through the old pipe and pulling a new pipe into the same space.

The unit can pull up to 10-inch pipe in most soil conditions. Larger pipe can be installed in suitable soils. The machine locks into a safety shoring box to protect the operator and to provide a fast and stable setup. Optional leveling jacks speed setup. The pusher/puller weighs 1,000 pounds and provides over 98,000 pounds of push and over 82,000 pounds of pull. The model 2613 portable hydraulic power unit provides the right oil pressure and flow for the 1915. A backhoe, trencher, or other hydraulic power source also may be used. 715/537-9050; www.poweram.com.


Shoring device

The pneumatic shoring device from Prospan Manufacturing is made of lightweight anodized aluminum. The maintenance-free unit uses user-friendly tabulated data. The device comes with a large selection of extensions and end attachments. 888/413-8100; www.prospanshoring.com.


CIPP lining

The CIPP sewer lateral lining system from Quik-Lining Systems allows users to install pipe directly from the wet-out stage into the ground without transporting, storing or loading it into the launching device. The system feeds unlimited lengths of resin-impregnated liner from 3 to 8 inches in diameter and can handle all products designed for an inversion-type installation.

The pinch roller allows precise calibration of up to 10-inch-diameter CIPP tube and any design thickness from 2 to 100 mm. The cart-mounted, propane-driven heater delivers 199,000 Btu/hr curing liners quickly and allows users to operate it indoors. Water and air manifolds are available. 714/296-5262; www.quiklining.com.


Plastic pipe cutter

The powered plastic pipe and tube cutter from RIDGID provides up to 250 cuts per charge. The unit has a cutting capacity of up to 1 5/8 inches outside diameter on multilayer, polyethylene, polypropylene, PEX, rubber hose, PVC and CPVC. The 75-watt motor allows the ultrasharp, pointed X-CEL blade to cut in four seconds. Repeat cuts can follow by using the push-button blade release. The cutter is designed with a pistol grip for an ergonomic feel and firm hold. The blade is replaceable without tools by removing the quick-change pin. There is an LED at the front of the tool and a battery indicator on the back. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Compact hydroexcavator

The Ram Vac HX12-27 hydroexcavator from Sewer Equipment Co. of America has a short wheelbase and small turning radius for tight working conditions. It features a 5,200 cfm positive displacement blower that produces 27 inches Hg of vacuum and a 12-yard debris tank. The rear-mounted boom rotates 320 degrees and has 24 feet of reach.

Other features include a Temperature Controlled Environmental Chamber that houses two 750-gallon, 3/4-inch-thick Duraprolene water tanks and a hydraulic water pump that delivers up to 10 gpm/2,500 psi. The unit also has a 400,000 Btu water heater, hose reel, wireless remote, three-stage twin-cyclonic filtration system, and NEMA 4 electrical system. 800/323-1604; www.sewerequipment.com.


Easy maneuverability

The Mud Dog 650 hydroexcavator from Super Products carries a 6.5-cubic-yard debris dump body and a 500-gallon freshwater tank. It is designed in response to the growing need for a smaller truck-mounted unit. A single-engine design reduces fuel and maintenance costs. The water system delivers up to 10 gpm/2,500 psi while the 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides 3,600 cfm/18 inches Hg vacuum. 800/837-9711; www.muddogeasy.com.


Long operation

The HXX Hydroexcavator from Vactor Manufacturing handles pipe and line installation, potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation and other large-volume excavations. The unit provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with onboard water. Other features include 12-cubic-yard debris tank, 1,200-gallon superlinear HL polyethylene insulated water tank, and 320-degree rotating boom. Heated pump and cabinets and built-in boiler enable the unit to work on frozen ground in subzero temperatures. 800/672-3171; www.vactor.com.


Epoxy-coated skids

Epoxy-coated proofers and skids from Max-Life Mfg. were developed for use in relined pipes and won’t cut or scratch the new liner. Skids are coated with Scotchkote, a fusion-bonded epoxy coating. It’s been tested and found to have negligible wear to relined pipe. 888/873-6295; www.flexmax.com.


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