Manholes and Catch Basins

Manholes and Catch Basins
Catch basin riser

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Catch basin riser

Catch basin risers from American Highway Products are used to reduce cost and streamline the adjusting of utilities to the new grade when paving a road. Riser heights start at 3/4 inch and increase in 1/4-inch increments, with inclined risers available. They keep municipalities from having to excavate to manually adjust frames, leading to lower liability and brick-and-mortar costs. Custom designs are available to meet job specifications. 888/272-2397;

Manhole rehabilitation system

The PermaCast Self-Install system from AP/M PERMAFORM rehabilitates manholes using a bidirectional robotic spincaster to apply thin layers of high-strength, fiber-reinforced cementitious grouts to the interior of failing manholes. The spincaster is lowered from above, usually eliminating the need for confined-space entry. A bidirectional spray nozzle spins in one direction on the descent and the opposite direction on the way up to prevent concrete shadows, resulting in a smooth, watertight structure that tightly adheres to and stabilizes the existing manhole. It can be used to repair brick, concrete or steel manholes. 800/662-6465;

Epoxy system

Infrastructure Repair Systems' manhole rehab system is a two-part, 100 percent solids thermosetting epoxy system that features two trowel-on applications to seal and stop leaks. "Chim Coat" for the chimney portion of the manhole is a flexible epoxy coating that will expand and contract with changing temperatures near the surface. "Infragard Topcoat" can be applied as a patch to a portion or to the entire manhole as needed. This system can also be used as a coating or sealant for catch basins, outfalls, and a multitude of surfaces including concrete, brick and metal. 877/327-4216;

Mortar application machine

The PortaMortar application machine from Madewell Products Corp. mixes, pumps and sprays high-build restoration mortar and 100 percent solids epoxy coatings in difficult-to-reach areas using the hydraulic power available on most skid-steer loaders. 770/856-4470;

Concrete waterproofing additive

Crystal-X concrete waterproofing additive from ConShield Technologies protects new and existing concrete sewer pipes and manholes, as well as dams, reservoirs, bridge decks, foundations, sewage and water treatment plants. 877/543-2094;

Manhole ring adjustment system

The PRO-RING from Cretex Specialty Products is a lightweight concrete alternative made of expanded polypropylene. It can be easily assembled by hand and is immediately ready for traffic loading, eliminating the need for handling and transportation equipment. The ring's expanded polypropylene will not degrade with exposure to hydrogen sulfide, road salts or other corrosive elements. It's also designed to absorb the energy of traffic impacts, withstanding the load, but reducing the dynamic shock wave before it transmits down into the structure. It's much lighter than concrete, with 6-inch adjusting rings weighing as little as 14 pounds. It is designed to offer 1/4-inch adjustments and slopes to match virtually any grade without the use of shims and mortar. 800/345-3764;

Grout rehabilitation system

The line of portable truck- and trailer-mounted grout rehabilitation systems from CUES is geared toward mainline, manhole and lateral joint sealing. Systems feature current CCTV equipment and decision support software for television inspection, allowing condition assessment and subsequent rehabilitation to be combined. Sealing packers are available for mainline and lateral assets. Units can be configured to run urethane-, acrylimide- and acrylate-based grouts. Systems can be mounted in a dry freight box for export. The Graphical User Interface guides users through the grouting process. 800/327-7791;

Catch basin inlet units

The 5000 Series hinged catch basin inlet unit from EJ USA has a heavy-duty assembly that incorporates a bolted EON LOCK design to limit unauthorized access and theft. The units are ergonomically preferable versus complete grate removal, and are also a time-saver, as effective locking can be achieved with only one bolt instead of four. 800/626-4653;

Sewer alarm and reporting system

The M80 system from Mission Communications is an in-sewer alarm and reporting system that tracks and monitors manhole surcharges and overflows. The cellular-based system is battery-powered and installs in about an hour. Alarm notification setup is performed using a customer Web portal, and alarms are delivered by any combination of phone call, text message, email, fax and/or pager. Specialty reports, like the CSO/SSO report, compile data trending for management and compliance purposes. The system's electronics, radio and battery are housed in a waterproof polycarbonate container. 877/993-1911;

Watertight manhole cover system

The Lifespan System from Hamilton Kent is a watertight, corrosion-proof, locking, rubber manhole frame and cast-iron cover system that prevents rain-derived inflow from entering sanitary sewer systems and underground structures through the top of the manhole. The system has been tested to withstand 5 psi of water pressure and will still perform when the cover is under standing water. It is AASHTO H-25 load tested and suited for heavy traffic areas. The system's tapered risers allow for simple adjustment of the frame to match virtually any surface grade. The locking mechanism deters unauthorized access and manhole cover theft, and eliminates rattling covers. It is available in 24-, 27- and 30-inch clear opening sizes. 800/268-8479;

Riser ring

Manhole riser rings from LADTECH can be installed in minutes. The rings nest together, and include a 2 percent slope ring and a 1/4-inch spacer ring for a precision fit. They're made of high-density, lightweight recycled polyethylene, meet AASHTO's HS-25 axle-loading spec, and are impervious to the H2S corrosion that destroys concrete. 877/235-7464;

Cured-in-place manhole liner

LMK's CIPMH for chimney or full-depth manhole lining eliminates infiltration and inflow through manhole walls. It is engineered to resist freeze-thaw cycles and creates a watertight, corrosion-resistant structural lining. It requires no digging and is made to fit all manholes, including barrel sections, eccentric and concentric cones constructed of brick and mortar, pre-cast or block. Site preparation and installation can occur in the same day, eliminating the lead-time for ordering. Once the liner has been vacuum-impregnated and manually inverted into the manhole, it cures under ambient temperatures in one to two hours, depending on the depth of the manhole. 815/433-1275;

Coating and lining system

SherFlex elastomeric polyurethane from Sherwin-Williams is a 100 percent solids, single-coat aromatic coating and lining system designed for manhole liners. It offers high-impact abrasion resistance. The flexible film bonds to the substrate with a moisture-tolerant epoxy primer, has crack bridging capabilities, and can withstand minor soil movement and pipe shifting. It is formulated to allow an applicator to directly fill surface voids, shortening roadway disruption. It is spray-applied at dry-film thicknesses of 80 to 120 mils. 800/524-5979;

Tube holder

The Deep-Vac manhole tube holder from Southland Tool Mfg. is designed to eliminate the threat of vacuum tubes extending up in the air. Simply clamp the device around a tube in any location, then lower it into the manhole while supported by the device's four steel extension arms. Tubes are added by un-clamping the device and moving it up and over the next flange connection. The suction boom hose can be connected to the end tube to support the weight as tubes become heavier. The device weighs 10 lbs., and is designed for manholes from 24 to 36 inches, with extensions available for larger openings. 714/632-8198;

Manhole liner system

The Multiplexx PVCP cured-in-place manhole liner from Terre Hill Composites eliminates sewer gas-induced corrosion and groundwater infiltration. The PVC barrier arrests corrosive sewer gasses and protects all other components in the lining system, resulting in zero loss of designed liner strength. A 10-year warranty backs the system. It yields a Quantifiable ROI whether eliminating infiltration or stopping acid corrosion of wastewater structure substrates for the duration of a 50- to 100-year expected life. 800/242-1509;

Epoxy coating

Perma-Poxy Plus from Perma-Liner Industries is a 100 percent solids, two-component ultra high-build epoxy coating designed to be applied over brick, concrete or metal structures, or as a topcoat over Perma-Morter or Perma-Morter CA. It provides abrasion resistance for concrete and steel sewage structures such as manholes, wet wells, digesters and clarifiers, along with mixer blades, shafts and other steel machinery components in contact with aggressive liquids. The product is applied using specialized plural component spray equipment. It contains no flammable solvents, can be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces, is effective on interior and exterior surfaces, and up to 125 mils can be applied in a single coat. 866/336-2568;

Photo ionization detector

The OLCT 200 photo ionization detector from Oldham measures sub-ppm concentrations of hydrocarbons or VOCs, which are included in many sealants, epoxies, coatings and chemicals. It isn't susceptible to poisons or damage by high gas concentrations, and can be used in inert atmospheres. The detector features wireless connectivity, making it ideal for confined spaces such as manholes and catch basins. 800/338-3287;

Cleaning nozzle

The Alphajet cleaning nozzle from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation is designed to clean grease, sludge and crusts from lift stations and manholes prior to rehabilitation. The nozzle is actuated by pressurized water from the jetter truck. Four driving nozzles create a 360-degree controlled rotation in a horizontal plane, eliminating the need to cover the manhole. The body requires no lubrication or replacement of internal mechanical parts within the first 12 months. Nozzles can be extended to accommodate various sizes of manholes/lift stations. 866/408-2814;

Liner pinch roller

The pinch roller from Quik Lining Systems allows for the installation of unlimited lengths of resin-impregnated liner from 3- through 8-inch diameters, and can handle all products designed for an inversion-type installation. It allows precise calibration of up to 10-inch-diameter CIPP tube and virtually any design thickness from 2 to 100 mm. The roller is for the rehabilitation of a cleaned line in less than four hours with a single operator. A four-man crew can install up to six liners per day. 714/296-5262;

Inside sewer drops

Drop Bowl sewer drops from RELINER/Duran Inc. eliminate troublesome outside drops in manholes and clean up failed inside drops. They can also be utilized as stormwater drops. When used in wet wells to eliminate uncontrolled drops, they help prevent pump cavitation and the intake of aerated influent, which increases pump life. They are cost-effective and made of marine-grade fiberglass. The bowls easily attach to manhole walls with stainless expansion bolts. Their compact, low profile provides full access to areas below. They are available for outlets ranging from 4 to 48 inches for box and round structures in most diameters. Laser-cut, stainless pipe supports for the drop pipe are also available. 800/508-6001;

Manhole cover remover

The Lifter from Rock Mills Enterprises is designed to safely and efficiently remove manhole covers and drainage grates with the push of a button by the vehicle operator. It mounts into a standard 2-inch trailer hitch receiver and is powered by the vehicle battery. With a roadway camera and dash-mounted monitor, the operator is able to position it directly over the cover and remove it with the remote control. With an optional swing arm, the cover can be swung away from the opening and replaced after work is completed without moving the vehicle. 712/451-6550;

Utility sealant

Flex-Seal utility sealant from Sealing Systems is a plural component aromatic urethane that features 800 percent elongation and a tensile strength of 3,200 psi. It's designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring or joint section of manholes and catch basins. The sealant is manually applied using a paint brush, and is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27-inch-diameter manhole. It will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards, provides protection from hydrogen sulfide and salt deterioration, and is easy to apply without special equipment. 800/478-2054;

Structural epoxy system

CPP from Epoxytec is a solid epoxy designed for trowel or spray application. It is formulated to provide a structural liner, coating or patch for rehabilitation of physical infrastructure and protection against corrosion. It is moisture-insensitive and forgiving, making it ideal for underground infrastructure. When applied by a certified applicator, the product can carry a warranty of up to 10 years. 877/463-7699;

Manhole insert

The RAINSTOPPER manhole insert from WBE Dorcas prevents additional inflow from entering the sanitary sewer system, eliminating contamination from unwanted rainwater, dirt and debris. The inserts are easy to install, are available in HDPE or stainless steel, are sewer gas-vented with a non-mechanical device, and prevent unauthorized entry with an OSHA-approved lock. 719/686-5988;

Inflatable plug

The large Flow-Thru Type "D" inflatable plug from Logiball is ideal for bypass pumping. The double-action bladder inflates simultaneously against the host and bypass pipe or pump suction hose, saving time and minimizing discomfort. The plug is available in diameters of 3 to 36 inches. 800/246-5988;

Rehabilitation material

Strong-Seal MS-2 C manhole rehabilitation material from The Strong Company is a calcium aluminate mix with alkaline-resistant fiberglass reinforcement specifically formulated for moderately corrosive applications with a pH of 2.0 or higher. It is used to form a structural monolithic liner covering all interior substrate surfaces, stopping inflow, infiltration and exfiltration while restoring structural integrity. It meets or exceeds ASTM testing standards. 800/982-8009;


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