Product News - May 2013

Product News - May 2013
Denso air cartridge gun

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Titan in-bed diesel fuel tank

The 60-gallon, polyethylene, in-bed diesel fuel tank from Titan Fuel Tanks fits most full-size pickups. Made to resist the corrosive properties of diesel, biodiesel fuels and additives, the 51-pound customizable tank is fully baffled to prevent load shifting. It can be secured using eye-nuts or the optional utility riser bracket, which allows up to 4 inches of clearance for under-tank storage. 800/728-4982;

Opto 22 LED dimmer

The Network LED Dimmer from Opto 22 uses pulse width modification (PWM) to control LED brightness (0-100 percent) for 9-30 VDC constant voltage LED lighting assemblies, including lamps, bulbs, strips, ropes and bars. When connected to an RS-485 serial network, multiple dimmers can be integrated into a lighting, automation or building control system that supports DMX512-A, modbus/ASCII or Optomux network protocols. 800/321-6786;

KROHNE Tantalum mass flowmeter

The Tantalum straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter from KROHNE, a version of the Optimass 7300, measures highly aggressive or corrosive fluids that require glass-lined piping or glass-lined process vessels. Tantalum has a similar chemical resistance to glass and is typically used with chemicals such as hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric acids or bromine and chlorine. The meter intelligently tunes itself, independent of external forces and fluid density. 800/356-9464;

SOR electronic pressure switch

The 805QS electronic pressure switch from SOR, designed for hazardous locations and limited spaces, offers supplemental continuous output (4-20mA or 1-5VDC). Switch set points and supplemental continuous output zero and span points are field-adjustable via the optional calibration kit. 800/676-6794;

Severn Trent UV disinfection system

The MicroDynamics Series OCS721 microwave-operated, open channel, ultraviolet disinfection system for municipal wastewater and water reuse from Severn Trent Services features long lamp life and a small footprint. Modules are National Water Research-validated for water reuse, and can be placed side by side in channels for design flexibility. 866/646-9201;

Vermeer pneumatic hole hammer

The Hole Hammer pneumatic piercing tool from Vermeer can operate in a range of soil conditions and applications. The moving-head design provides full striking force of the piston to the head of the tool. Residual energy generated helps the tool body travel through the compacted bore path. A mechanical reset for the head assembly ensures each blow compacts soil in front of the tool for increased production and accuracy. The ribbed body provides additional tool grip in loose soils. The piercing tool is available in 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch sizes. 888/837-6337;

Denso air cartridge gun

The Protal air cartridge gun from Denso North America sprays 1,000 mL cartridges and is designed for easy setup and minimal material waste and maintenance. The gun includes a swivel handle and optional shoulder strap. 888/821-2300;


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