Water System Maintenance and Infrastructure

Water System Maintenance  and Infrastructure
Flexible pressure pipe

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  Flexible pressure pipe

ADS PolyFlex pressure pipe from Advanced Drainage Systems features flexibility and durability that make it ideal for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial, well/pump systems, municipal service lines, landscape and agriculture irrigation systems, and farm and ranch water systems. It is strong and resistant to many common causes of damage, such as weather, human element, vibrations, surface loads and pressure surges. 800/821-6710; www.ads-pipe.com.

  HDPE pipe fittings 

HDPE injection-molded pipe fittings from Agru America combine innovative molding machinery, high mold-design technology (including a special gating system) and high-grade steel. Principal applications include wastewater, potable water and gas distribution. The fittings are lightweight and corrosion-, biological- and chemical-resistant; offer superior flow characteristics; and have heat fusion joining for a leakproof system. 800/373-2478; www.agruamerica.com.

  Backup system

The ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp operates on natural gas, features a 6-inch Super T Series pump capable of passing a 3-inch spherical solid, and offers a soundproof lightweight aluminum enclosure. The enclosure has lockable door panels, and can be removed for maintenance of the pump or engine. The unit is a complete, ready for hookup, backup package for emergencies and power outages, primary pump repair and additional pumping capacity. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.

  Valve compression riser

The American Highway Products Water/Gas Valve Compression Riser is used to reduce cost and streamline the adjusting of utilities to the new grade when paving a road. Its compression design ensures a pressed-in bearing fit when installed, which enables installation before paving the road. It is compressed during installation, and the residual stress holds the riser in place. They start at a 1/2-inch rise and go up in 1/8-inch increments. This method saves time and money adjusting the utilities to grade. 888/272-2397; www.ahp1.com.

  Flowmeter with electronic display

The CLA-VAL Model X144 e-FlowMeter with X145 Electronic Display is a vortex shedding insertion flowmeter designed to be retrofitted into a CLA-VAL Automatic Control Valve to capture accurate flow measurement data without the need to install an in-line metering device. It provides a simple means to gain access to the information necessary to more effectively manage a distribution system, communicating performance data needed to achieve water quality and delivery objectives. The device displays flow rate, pressure and valve position. The unit is also equipped with a totalizer. It is SCADA-compatible and has customizable units. 800/942-6326; www.cla-val.com.

  Hydrant and valve inspector

The Hydrant and Valve Inspector by Trimble from AMERICAN Flow Control puts hydrant and valve maintenance and record-keeping directly in the hands of the mobile workforce. A barcode scan of an AMERICAN Flow Control hydrant or gate valve provides its specifications and exact GPS location, giving technicians a solution to asset location and management. 800/326-8051; www.american-usa.com.

  Portable integrated label printer

The MPS 150 T Print Station from Graphic Products is designed to interface with the DuraLabel 9000 label and sign printer to create extra-large custom pipe marker labels without IT department and network security concerns. The 10-inch touch-screen monitor mounts on the side of the printer and comes loaded with OSHA-ANSI-compliant software. It is seated in an adjustable bracket for ergonomic efficiency and ease of use. Use the pointer stylus to navigate the touch screen or the optional keyboard with track pad to create and print labels and signs. It provides 300 dpi print resolution, and prints on 4- to 9-inch supply widths at 3 inches per second. 800/788-5572; www.GraphicProducts.com.

  Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

The PTFM 1.0 portable transit time flowmeter from Greyline Instruments is designed to accurately measure clean liquids like water, oils and chemicals. Setup through the handheld meter is fast with a user-friendly five-key menu system. The clamp-on transducers mount on plastic or metal pipes, and ultrasonic signals are injected through the pipe between the two sensors. It works on full pipes with diameters from 1/2 to 48 inches, and features a large backlit display, totalizer, 4-20mA output and a data logger with USB output. It operates for 24 hours on internal rechargeable batteries, and comes with a rugged, watertight carry case. 888/473-9546; www.greyline.com.

  Level sensor flowmeter

The FL900 Series flowmeter from Hach Company offers a selection of sensor technologies to accurately and efficiently solve any sewer flow monitoring challenge. It features level-only alarming and redundant-level functionality. In addition to the ultrasonic level sensor technology, radar, electromagnetic and acoustic Doppler velocity technologies are also available. The plug-and-play design allows for up to four sensor connections with auto-detection of sensor type, allowing users maximum flexibility. It is also available with Hach’s Data Delivery Services (DDS) Program, which uses wireless loggers and sensors to provide real-time unedited flow data through FSDATA Web-based software. 800/368-2723; www.hachflow.com.

  Module and leak sensor

The 100W ERT module from Itron, when deployed with an integrated Leak Sensor, monitors a utility’s entire distribution system around the clock, acoustically surveying the integrity of the system to help find small leaks before they become large and costly. It offers full two-way communications to the meter and time-synchronized interval meter data. Its data collection technology provides utilities with flexibility, as leak detection data can be gathered using an AMI fixed network, mobile AMR, walk-by data collection or a hybrid solution, depending on what best fits the utility’s business needs. It can be used as a stand-alone leak detection system unattached to a water meter in either AMI fixed network or AMR mobile environments. 352/239-0219; www.itron.com.

  Sewer risers

The Vertical Riser System from Royal Building Products is an integrated, multi-piece system that protects a sewer line installation from top to bottom. The system helps reduce the effect of static loads caused by construction traffic and compaction. A specially designed controlled settlement joint (CSJ) reduces sewer system exposure to soil settlement by adjusting to external forces exceeding 500 psi. The riser adapter, CSJ, and deep bell elbow all work together to help eliminate fitting breakage. In addition, the system also prevents pipe “spearing” due to over-insertion, and controls elbow issues caused by pipe pulling out. 800/232-5690; www.royalbuildingproducts.com.

  54-inch AWWA fitting

The 54-inch MJ C-153 AWWA fitting from SIGMA Corp. is unique, as standard sizes generally range from 2 to 48 inches. Increased demand for water service requires larger pipes, which in turn necessitates larger fittings. The fittings, which were previously available on a made-to-order basis, are now available on a move-to-order inventory system, in stock and ready to ship. It exceeds industry quality standards, and is hydrotested for quality assurance. 800/999-2550; www.sigmaco.com.

  Polymer mortar pipe

Centrifugally cast with computer-controlled precision, HOBAS Pipe USA fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe is inherently corrosion-resistant and lasts 100 years or more. The pipe is ideal for virtually every installation method, including open cut, sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, two-pass tunnel, casing carrier and above-ground. It is available in sizes from 18 to 126 inches in pressure and non-pressure classes. The pipe has been tested and complies with NSF standard 61 for drinking water components. 800/856-7473; www.hobaspipe.com.

  Pipe fusion machine

The McElroy Super 28 is a fusion machine for fusing 2-inch IPS to 8-inch DIPS polyethylene pipe. The machine features a diesel-powered, 28-fusion carriage on a TracStar 412/618 chassis. The configuration allows contractors to have a diesel-powered fusion machine on jobsites where gasoline is unavailable or not allowed. It can be ordered as a combination unit that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63 inches onto any size pipe main. It comes standard with a facer, heater, insulated heater stand and lifting assembly. 918/836-8611; www.mcelroy.com/fusion.

  Rubber check valves

Proco Series 700 ProFlex rubber check valves help control back pressures from sewage treatment plants, outfalls and tidal operations. They are a fully passive device requiring no maintenance, outside power sources or manual assistance to operate. They can handle large obstructions without jamming or having swing gates binding open. They provide backflow protection from sewage slurries, outfalls to waterfronts from heavy rainfall, prevention from land erosion due to backflow conditions, and protection from saltwater to freshwater ponds and catch basins. 800/344-3246; www.procoproducts.com.

  Sound attenuated pump

Silent Knight sound-attenuated pumps from Thompson Pump feature canopy enclosures that lower noise levels by 20+ dBA to just 68 decibels or less from 7 meters and enclose the entire pump in a tamper-proof lockable case. They feature easily serviceable access areas, including doors that allow access to pump components for maintenance without disconnecting the suction piping, weather-resistant hardware, and insulation with moisture barriers. The noise-reducing canopy can conveniently be added to existing models in the field. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com.

  Strainer valve

The ZS Strainer from Singer Valve is designed to protect control valves and pipelines from foreign matter such as twigs, leaves and rocks that get caught in the flow and can cause blocks or equipment failure. It has a Z-plate design that provides a smooth laminar flow, which reduces downstream disturbance, making it ideal for locations ahead of automatic control valves. The corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel screen allows for a large flow area and is easily removed due to the O-ring on top, which eliminates the need for a gasket when taking it apart. There are two body taps that allow for differential pressure measurement. It is available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch pipes sizes, 150-pound or 300-pound flanged. 604/594-5404; www.singervalve.com.

  Pipe supports

Pipe supports from RELINER/Duran Inc. are easily installed adjustable clamping pipe brackets made of non-corrosive 11-gauge 304 stainless. They securely attach pipes to manhole walls and other surfaces with no protruding hardware, and are fully adjustable to fit irregular surfaces. They attach to the drop bowl wall with 3/8-inch stainless steel bolts in non-corrosive shields. A wide range of clamp sizes 1.5 to 30 inches for SDR 35, Schedule 40, C900, CIOD, etc. are kept in stock. Other sizes are available. 800/508-6001; www.reliner.com.

  Portable valve exerciser

The Model 70 from Valve Boss is a portable, one-person valve exerciser and operation machine that features a Honda 4-stroke engine and weighs 27 pounds. Applications include distribution valve exercising, wastewater sluice gate operation and stormwater/levee district valve operation. It also can be used as a powerhead for pipe-tapping equipment. 225/226-8668; www.valveboss.com.


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