Product News - July 2013

Product News - July 2013
Aries side scan video camera

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Water Cannon jetter, hot pressure washers

Jetters and hot water pressure washers from Water Cannon are available with flow rates of 8 gpm and up to 7,000 psi, based on model and accessories. Trailer models have 200-gallon onboard water tanks and require no external power. Available with Honda or Kohler engines, the units come with direct drive or V-belt and a choice of Annovi Reverberi, Cat or General pumps. Standard trailer packages include 250-foot hose reels, trigger gun, wand and nozzle. 321/800-5744;

Iwaki America slurry bearing

The SB slurry bearing from Iwaki America is designed for pumping slurry liquids with concentrations up to 10 percent by volume and particle sizes up to 100 microns, including diatomaceous earth, metal oxides and other abrasive liquids. 508/429-1440;

Aries side scan video camera

The dual-viewing Side Scanning Inspection System from Aries Industries is designed for pipeline maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation in 6- to 48-inch pipe. The system allows synchronized playback, presentation of live video (MPEG format) and a flat, unfolded view for quick pinpoint of pipeline discrepancies without having to stop and play to report each observation. 800/234-7205;

Spire electromagnetic Btu meter

The T-MAG electromagnetic Btu meter from Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, is designed for accurate, efficient thermal energy measurement. Two factory-calibrated temperature sensors measure supply and return temperatures. The unit integrates into any meter reading, PLC or BMS system. 888/738-0188;

Mainline extendible backwater valve

The Straight-Fit extendible backwater valve series from Mainline Backflow Products is available in 4- and 6-inch diameters. Made of PVC and ABS, the valve body can be extended to any depth by gluing a riser pipe into the valve body. The gate is glued to a 3/4-inch PVC pipe to form a key and cut the required length to extract the gate from the valve body. A curved gate allows a sewer snake to feed and retract without catching on the gate. A cleat insert in the body eases and guides the retrieval of the snake without hang-up. An optional test gate can be used to pressure test the system or to isolate property. 877/734-8691;

Bingham valve box sealed system

The Buffalo brand No Vac valve box sealed system from Bingham & Taylor includes valve box stabilizer and debris trap (available together or separately) for use with cast iron or plastic valve boxes. Designed to prevent the intrusion of dirt, backfill or sand from below, the unit assures proper valve box alignment and valve protection. It also assures that all down force is transferred to the backfilled area, rather than to the buried valve or pipe, eliminating the need to block up the valve box. The debris trap component is engineered to eliminate maintenance and service issues caused by debris intrusion through and around the valve box top. 540/825-8334;

Tideflex inline check valve

The CheckMate inline check valve from Tideflex Technologies, a division of Red Valve Company, is designed for backflow prevention and odor mitigation in outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications. The custom-engineered, all-rubber unibody design eliminates backflow from oceans, rivers and interceptors. The valve is made of 100 percent fabric and elastomer to eliminate corrosion. It opens to a near-full pipe diameter for maximum flow capacity. Valves are available in 4- to 72-inch sizes. 412/279-0044;

Itron meter data management

The Itron Enterprise Edition data management system for smart metering of gas and water from Itron supports Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 database and Oracle 11g platforms. 866/374-8766;

Oldcastle stormwater management system

The PermeCapture low impact development stormwater management system from Oldcastle Precast and Oldcastle Architectural is an all-inclusive runoff control system that manages water volume in addition to protecting water quality by providing integrated pretreatment. The system combines the versatility of structural precast concrete modules (vaults) with the aesthetics and performance of permeable interlocking concrete pavers for stormwater retention, detention, reuse, groundwater recharge and flood management. 888/965-3227;

Envirosight large pipe crawlerinspection system

The RX400 crawler body from Envirosight has a built-in, remotely operated camera lift with 17.5 inches of vertical travel for center viewing in a 60-inch line and inspecting pipe up to 10 feet in diameter. The crawler integrates with any ROVVER X system. Features include selectable 412/640 Hz sonde, illuminated rear-view camera, expansion port for an elevated rear-view camera, clutch, sensors for tilt, roll, pressure, temperature, pressure and lift height. 866/936-8476;

KNIPEX Tools adjusting pump pliers

Cobra Quick Set pliers from KNIPEX Tools combines the features of automatic adjusting pliers with traditional push-button pump pliers. The 10-inch-long pliers have a 2-inch gripping capacity. The self-locking tool is designed for repetitive work in confined areas. It has a thin head that fits into tight spaces and a serrated gripping surface that can hold round, square, hex or flat objects.

Dialight stainless steel linear LED fitting

The stainless steel linear LED fitting from Dialight is designed to reduce maintenance in hazardous areas as a replacement for conventional Ex fluorescent fittings. Available in both 32-watt and 64-watt versions (2 x 18W and 2 x 36W fluorescent equivalents), the fitting is resistant to shock, vibration and corrosion. 732/919-3119;

Vermeer rubber-tracked pedestrian trencher 

The RTX250 rubber-tracked, steerable pedestrian trencher from Vermeer has a 27 hp Kohler electronic fuel-injected gasoline engine and can dig 8-inch-wide trenches up to 48 inches deep. Features include a two-handlebar VZ steering system and dedicated platform. The trencher is 35.5 inches wide for maneuvering in tight locations. 888/837-6337;


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