Shake Free of Debris

Enz USA’s new vibrating nozzles draw attention at Pumper & Cleaner Expo.
Shake Free of Debris
Curtis Craig, sales associate for Enz USA, explains how the company’s new self-propelled, vibrating nozzle breaks down hard debris inside pipes.

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Good vibrations was the theme for Enz USA and its new Rotopuls nozzles at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo in Indianapolis this year, as they debuted a new line of nozzles capable of shaking stubborn debris free from the interior pipe walls.

A video playing in Enz’s Expo booth showed how the Turbopuls water-recycling nozzle broke down debris at a corn processing plant in Dayton, Ohio.

“They actually bought two of them,” said Dana Hicks, sales manager for Enz. “These are 42-inch (HDPE) lining pipes. If you look at the video, you’ll notice the nozzle is actually vibrating the pipe and debris is just falling off. It’s all self-contained and maintenance free. The tool is good for 16- to 80-inch pipes. We have different sizes that you can use with 1 1/4-inch hose, 1-inch hose, 3/4-inch hose; we even have one for 1/2-inch hose. It’s good for hard debris in relined pipes or concrete pipe.”

An eccentrically supported rotor produces rapid vibrations and pulsating jets that can disintegrate deposits up to 4 inches thick in steel, cement and thick-walled polyethylene pipes (not recommended for use in clay, thin-walled plastic or PVC pipes).

Hicks says the vibrating nozzles drew a lot of interest from Expo visitors. “They had never seen anything like it. It looks prehistoric, but when you use it, it’s pretty simple. It’s an efficient tool for removing hard deposits.”

The maintenance-free, self-propelled stainless steel nozzles have a working pressure of 2,900 psi. Model 410.080A has a 1/2-inch connecting thread and 410.080B has a 3/4-inch connecting thread. Both of the smaller models are designed for cleaning 6- to 12-inch pipe and deliver 32 gpm at 1,450 psi. The nozzles measure 3.1 by 8.3 inches and weigh 9.56 pounds.

Model 410.120A has a 1-inch connecting thread and model 410.120B has a 1 1/4-inch connecting thread. Both of the larger nozzles can be used with 1-inch hose. Designed for cleaning 8- to 40-inch pipes, the 4.7- by 12.6-inch nozzles weigh 32.22 pounds.

A holder for mounting two of the 410.120 nozzles is available for cleaning larger diameter pipes. In many cases, the nozzles can replace percussion milling cutters or rotating chain scrapers.

“It’s designed to take out the real hard debris, everything from calcium deposits to concrete on the bottom of pipes,” says Hicks, who had several sales at the show. “You can put a chisel point on it if you really need to bore through something. It’s very good on landfill applications to clean out the Bio-Rock.” 877/369-8721;


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