Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping

Pipeline Inspection, Surveying and Mapping
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Inspection Camera Systems/Vehicles

  Side-scanning camera

The CUES Digital Universal Camera (DUC) is a high resolution, digital CCTV, side-scanning camera designed for rapid and detailed condition assessment of wastewater systems. It can inspect and assess 5,000 feet or more per day, producing a high-resolution digital video scan of internal pipe conditions in 6- to 60-inch pipe, and a flat unfolded view of the pipe to facilitate rapid assignment of observations. An expanded flat unfolded view of the pipe is provided for measurement purposes. It has no moving parts and is driven through the pipe without the need to stop, pan or tilt. The unit can be driven on cruise control to a remote manhole or through multiple manholes. 800/327-7791; www.cuesinc.com.

  Pipe inspection camera

The EasyCAM E3200 was designed from a plumber’s perspective, using easily replaceable modular components. When repairs are needed, the owner can easily do them, as no special tools are needed. It includes a lightweight titanium color camera head, 200 feet of HYTREL abrasion-resistant pushrod with molded waterproof connectors, 512 Hz transmitter, onboard 8-inch daylight readable monitor, powder-coated aircraft aluminum frame, RCA video jack for laptop or DVR use, safe 12-volt operation, heavy-duty wheels and a two-year warranty. 239/260-2056; www.easycamllc.com.

  Pan/tilt push camera

The camera head of the VeriSight Pro 360 from Envirosight remotely pans and tilts to give an operator maximum maneuverability when inspecting drain lines. A joystick on the control unit rotates the camera indefinitely in either direction and tilts it ±135 degrees. It makes it easy to view, record and document pipe condition. Its digital interface displays real-time inspection footage on an 8-inch LCD, records up to 90 hours of inspection video to internal memory, and allows an operator to enter observation data for upload directly to WinCan. An intuitive, customizable interface lets operators zoom 3X on live or recorded video, capture still images, configure the 16-page text writer, browse thumbnail galleries, and select among several available languages. It comes in standard lengths of 200 and 330 feet. Its anodized aluminum camera head with high-sensitivity imager and shadowless LED lighting inspects pipes up to 9 inches. An integral tri-band sonde transmits at 33 kHz, 512 Hz or 640 Hz. The entire system runs off mains power, vehicle power, or an internal rechargeable 6-hour Lithium-ion battery. 866/936-8476; www.envirosight.com.

  Municipal inspection system

The MY400 municipal inspection system from MyTana Mfg. Company is ideal for the small- to medium-sized municipalities responsible for operating, documenting and maintaining sanitary sewer systems. Included is a color self-leveling camera, which has 36 bright LEDs for illuminating larger sewer lines, and a built-in 512 Hz transmitter for locating. The control system incorporates a touch screen with drop and drag icons to easily identify common problems. The laptop-based system also allows for easy recording, uploading and backup of inspection activities. Four hundred feet of pushrod is adequate for inspections between manholes. The locator-receiver pinpoints problems before digging sewer lines. The sonde transmitter provides a strong signal for locating problems in deeper municipal sewer systems. 800/328-8170; www.mytana.com.

  Portable crawler inspection system

The P350 Flexitrax portable crawler inspection system from Pearpoint/SPX is a modular system that features interchangeable components. Options include a manual or powered drum, three interchangeable cameras, and a wide range of wheels, cable length and crawler size. The digital platform allows users to transfer survey data from a compact flash card to a PC or laptop via USB 2.0. The included FlexiSight Windows-based software allows users to edit video and convert reports to Microsoft Word. It features an integrated report writer to create on-site inspection reports that contain company and client details, observations, comments and selected photos. Reports are generated in HTML format and are compatible with IE 6 or above. It is small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, and can be van- or truck-mounted and wheeled on site using the ergonomic barrow design. 800/688-8094; www.radiodetection.com.

  Pan and tilt push camera

The Pan n’ Tilt Push Camera from Ratech Electronics can be used for pipes and drains as small as 4 inches in diameter. Originally used as a mainline camera, it has been redesigned to fit into small lateral pipes. It rotates fully 360 degrees and 210 degrees up and down, allowing users to view the pipe condition easily and in more detail. An optional steerable gooseneck assists the camera in the direction you want it to go. Combining it with a control unit gives recording capability using SD/USB drives and allows MPEG video capture and JPG image capture. Also included is a 512 Hz sonde, an on-screen text display overlay system, electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory. Gel-Rod cable is available in 200 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200; www.ratech-electronics.com.

  Laser pipe profiling camera

The KS135 Scan from Rausch Electronics USA features two laser diodes integrated into a mainline camera head that projects lasers onto the pipe wall. It is designed to perform three tasks in one system: CCTV inspection, crack measurement, and laser profiling. As it travels through the pipeline, it performs traditional CCTV inspection while taking accurate joint and crack measurements using integrated laser diodes. On the return trip to the manhole, the rotating camera head analyzes the pipe profile. All data is generated on site using the POSM software. It can be deployed in pipes 8 to 48 inches in diameter. 717/709-1005; www.rauschusa.com.

  Mainline and lateral inspection system

The GEN2 Zoom from RS Technical Services allows operators to perform inspections in 6- to 24-inch pipelines from a single integrated unit. Locatable via a built-in 512 Hz sonde, the system features a pan and tilt mainline camera and an auto upright lateral camera. A launch camera actuator allows for easy insertion into 90-degree laterals and the 90W motor produces pushing force for lateral inspections up to 100 feet from the mainline. The six-wheel drive tractor features three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel with speeds up to 70 fpm. Also included is a cable reel with 600 feet of cable (100 feet of push cable and 500 feet of 3/16-inch-diameter armored Sincon cable). 800/767-1974; www.rstechserv.com.

  Lightweight inspection camera

The Sparvision 200 pipe inspection camera from Spartan Tool is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and is outfitted with iPad technology. Features include telestration to actively draw on the screen, 200 feet of ultra-slick pushrod, and a color self-leveling camera head that simplifies diagnosis. It can take instant snapshots at any time, and has a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard and a standard 512 Hz locating beacon. 800/435-3866; www.spartantool.com.

  Versatile inspection camera

The VIS 340 from Wohler USA is a versatile inspection camera set that comes in a self-contained carrying case. It can analyze defects in water pipes and inspect flue-gas lines, chimneys, air-conditioning lines, heating lines, ducts, welding seams, gaskets, manholes and more. The miniature, waterproof camera head is equipped with 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt technology and a bright LED light. Follow the camera’s path on its TFT color monitor and watch as it negotiates 90-degree bends. Its digital distance measurement feature pinpoints the exact location of trouble spots. 978/750-9876; www.wohlerusa.com.

  Mainline inspection camera system

The eCAM Pro 2 mainline pipeline inspection camera system from Electric Eel features a stainless steel-housed 1.68-inch self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens, a 20-LED light ring (with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover) and a high-resolution CCD element. The auto iris adjusts light automatically. A flexible camera spring is designed to navigate 3-inch P-traps. It comes standard with 200 feet of Kevlar-braided 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod and a 512 Hz sonde. It also features a 10.4-inch daylight readable monitor with click touch controls, an on-screen footage counter, a two-hour battery with built-in charger, adjustable light controls, 16 pages of text writing with memory saves, voice over recording, an 8X zoom function, audio/video out jacks, 8-inch wheels, a secure-locking reel brake, and powder-coated steel tube and bar construction. 800/833-1212; www.electriceel.com.

  Portable video inspection system

Portable video camera inspection systems from Zistos Corporation are battery operated, and feature interchangeable camera options, including dual view thermal, black and white, a self-illuminated 10:1 color zoom, and a variety of other self-illuminated cameras. Its tripod-mounted display isolates the operator, and telescoping fiberglass extension poles of various lengths are available. Its optional thermal imager sees temperature differences through smoke and in total darkness. It has optional image recording capability for documentation of findings, an ideal option to avoid confined space entry. 631/434-1370; www.zistos.com.

Recording/Archiving/Data Devices

  Ultrasonic leak detector kit

The Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit from Forbest Products is designed to pinpoint the exact location of the leak point quickly. Ultrasonic sound (20 to 100 KHz) is generated by turbulence created by water, air or gas forced through a small leak. With the kit, users can detect pressure, vacuum and exhaust system leaks, along with tank, pipe, steam trap and gas leaks. With frequency response in the 36 to 44 KHz range, the kit is centered at 40 KHz. The kit includes the detector, transmitter, focusing probe, flared tube and headphones. The detector amplifies and converts the turbulent ultrasonic noise of a leak to an audible hissing sound. 650/757-4786; www.forbestusa.net.

  Hydrant pressure logger

The PL200-H hydrant pressure logger from Global Water, a Xylem brand, identifies and locates distribution pressure problems, and obtains a wealth of system modeling data. Its EZ-connect adapter system connects directly to a standard 2 1/2-inch NST fire hydrant port, or adapts to other hose and special threads. Its memory buffer will store over 81,000 pressure readings with user-defined intervals from once per second to periods longer than a year. Its 10-samples-per-second sampling mode can capture momentary events like water hammers. Programmable start and stop alarm times allow it to synchronize multiple loggers so they will start at the same time, delay starting until a preset time, or limit the number of recordings during a day. 800/876-1172; www.globalw.com.

Software/Data Devices

  GIS interface

The GIS interface system from Cobra Technologies integrates the capabilities of ESRI ArcGIS into CCTV inspection software, allowing technicians to pre-load inspections by pre-populating the fields using layer fields. This reduces the time needed for data input on the inspection, and also helps validate the layer information against the latest CCTV inspections. Also improved is the data validation between the GIS layer information and the information captured during the CCTV inspection. Underground infrastructure is managed by automatically color-coding layers using the PACP inspection rating or observation type. 800/443-3761; www.cobratec.com.

  Mobile workforce automation

FlexOps from FlexSystems is a mobile workforce automation package designed for plant operations inspections. It addresses the blind spots of SCADA by standardizing manual procedures with touch-screen-guided, PDA-based inspections, eradicating transcription errors and secondary data capturing, validating data at the point of entry and providing customization. It provides an electronic method of performing critical manual inspections, ensuring all are correctly carried out, and data inputs are validated and consequently imported into the operations system or spreadsheet. Supervisors receive secure, validated data through automated reports that include daily activity, work order requests, fire safety and exception reports delivered to them by email. 303/684-8303; www.flexops.net.

  Mobile accounting software

Foundation Mobile is a Web-based application for mobile devices that works with Foundation for Windows construction accounting software to streamline timecard and job data between field and office. It runs on multiple devices, including smart phones (Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), iPads, tablets, netbooks, ruggedized laptops and others. It also has offline capability that allows users to enter data even when out of service range. Its intuitive interface includes user-friendly entry and list screens. 800/246-0800; www.foundationsoft.com.

  Hydrant testing software

IMS software with Fire Flow Pro from Hurco is easy to use and can help technicians create work orders and generate detailed reports. It helps conduct fire flow tests that let the water district know the true predicted flows at a fire hydrant. If a section of the distribution system has noticeably poor pressure or flow, tuberculation might be the problem and a C-factor test can quickly identify it. A valve-exercising program will ensure that water valves can be found and work in an emergency. A unidirectional flushing program will start at the source of the water, flushing towards the periphery of the system. By isolating sections to flush, you can develop the necessary velocity to clean the mains thoroughly and help eliminate customer complaints. 800/888-1436; www.gethurco.com.

  Managed SCADA system

The managed SCADA system from Mission Communications is a complete monitoring and controls system that allows municipalities to better manage, operate and maintain collection and distribution systems. Real-time alarms are delivered by any combination of voice phone calls, text messages, emails, faxes and pagers, and each alarm is logged on the Web portal. Because the system is Web-based, enhancements and new features are immediately available at no extra cost. Compare pump station flow with local rainfall, analyze pump runtimes for anomalies or track site access with reports tailored to the water and wastewater industry. Reports assist with preventing noncompliant events from occurring. The Web portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any Web-enabled device. 877/993-1911; www.123mc.com.

  Pipe inspection software

WinCan ProTouch pipe inspection software from Pipeline Analytics allows operators to document pipe inspections made with a video crawler, push camera or zoom survey camera. It’s ideal for assessing the condition of collection system assets. It is fully compatible with WinCan v8. It distills the most popular functionality of WinCan v8 into a simple touch-screen interface, with all the tools necessary to document manhole, mainline and lateral inspections. It generates basic manhole-to-manhole reports that include schematics and captured images, and can export inspections to freely distributable viewer software, so clients can review video alongside section detail. Data uploads seamlessly to WinCan v8 for advanced reporting, filtering/querying, and GIS integration. It works with all common video inspection hardware, including video crawlers, push cameras, and zoom survey cameras. It can even recognize on-screen text, so in most cases no serial connection is needed to acquire distance data. 877/626-8386; www.pipelineanalytics.com.

  Data-collection software

PipeLogix software offers the power to collect data and evaluate underground infrastructure assets. It is PACP certified and works with all CCTV systems. Data can be captured, analyzed and shared about mainlines, laterals, manholes, grout and inclinometer surveys. The program offers reporting features that include score report, score graph, defect by inspection, pipe graphic, tabular and survey list. Built-in GIS tools enable the user to import asset details from map programs directly into the pipe survey form; export shape files or feature classes in geodatabases from the program based on completed surveys, defect types, new assets found or pipe score values; and easily identify surveyed pipes on maps with color coding. It also interfaces with popular industry-standard asset management programs such as Lucity, Cityworks and Infor. 866/299-3150; www.pipelogix.com.


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