Stormwater Management

The effective and responsible management of stormwater runoff has become an important part of the job description for most municipal sewer and water professionals. Highlighted below are products that will assist you in making sure stormwater is managed effectively.
Stormwater Management
Non-structural spray lining systems

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The effective and responsible management of stormwater runoff has become an important part of the job description for most municipal sewer and water professionals. Highlighted below are products that will assist you in making sure stormwater is managed effectively.

  Non-structural spray lining systems

Ecodur PG2C (plasticized gypsum coating) systems from Colorado Lining International are an ideal solution where protection against chemical and gas corrosion is desired but structural enhancement is not needed. It is formulated to withstand extreme levels of hydrogen sulfide gas and other corrosive elements found in water and wastewater environments, making it ideal for stormwater runoff. Benefits include 100 percent solids, zero VOC, superior adhesion, single-coat system, high-build capacity and NSF 61 compliance. The non-toxic liner system is completely solvent free. The site will also have a rapid return to service condition. 800/524-8672;

  Rental clarifiers

UniPure rental clarifiers are ideal for municipalities with stormwater that contains more than 50 mg/L of total suspended solids. They combine a drop-in and a locally sourced open top storage tank. The drop-in provides all the treatment capabilities of permanent clarifiers. The host tank reduces transportation costs, ensures availability and is delivered ready to operate. The unit can be delivered to a facility in days, and can be operating minutes after delivery. Demobilization is quick and easy. The host tank also provides ample sludge-holding capacity, as sludge management is as simple as placing a submersible pump under the drop-in. Periodic sludge transfers will allow the clarifier to operate efficiently and uninterrupted for the duration of the project. Rental units are available throughout the U.S. 877/864-7873;

  Combination jet/vac truck

The Aquatech F-10 from Hi-Vac features a front-mounted reel designed by Aquatech. The 180-degree rotating reel facilitates easy unit placement. Reel capacity is designed and engineered for up to 800 feet of 1-inch hose. The top-loading boom powers up and down and extends to 26 feet from the pivot point. The single-engine drive dramatically decreases fuel consumption, maintenance expense, weight on the chassis and the initial chassis price. The water pump consists of a continuous flow, triplex reciprocating design and is rated up to 80 gpm at 2,000 psi. An optional unloader valve allows for complete control of water flow and pressure independent of the vacuum power. Tanks are constructed of high-strength, UV stabilized polyethylene, with optional fixed internal baffled aluminum tanks. 800/752-2400;

  Storm screen

The RoK1 storm screen from Huber Technology provides a straightforward and effective method for screening stormwater while not increasing the headloss over the overflow. It is a trough of stainless steel perforated plate with a brush-edged auger. Water spilling from the storm overflow passes through the unit positioned beneath the weir crest. It removes solids in the overflow before continuing downstream. A discharge scraper either returns the screenings directly back into the flow for treatment, or discharges them for final disposal by separate means. 704/949-1010;

  High-rate filtration process

The WWETCO FlexFilter from WesTech Engineering uses a synthetic compressible media to capture solids in a high-rate filtration process. Ideal for stormwater runoff, rising influent applies hydrostatic force to the outside of tapered flexible bladders, causing the media within the bladders to compress loosely at the top of the filter, with a tighter porosity gradient through the depth of the filter. This tapered compression provides for a filtration bed that is more open at the top of the filter, graduating to more densely packed synthetic media in the deeper portions of the filtration bed. As the liquid flows over the top of the bladders and into the media bed, larger particles are trapped in the upper portions of the filter. As the liquid works its way down through the media, the smaller particles are captured. It is a simple gravity system with a design requiring no moving parts. It has a backwash system involving an air scour coupled with a high-energy wash cycle and specialized backwash troughs to minimize the volume of backwash water needed. 801/265-1000;

  Wet weather flow treatment

The BIOACTIFLO system from Kruger USA combines two process steps, contact stabilization and microsand-ballasted clarification, to produce treatment of wet weather flows. Return activated sludge (RAS) from existing clarifiers is combined with the excess flows in a solids contact tank. A targeted mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentration is maintained in the contact tank to facilitate rapid uptake of soluble biological oxygen demand (BOD) via contact stabilization, which is followed by clarification. The combination of the two results in total BOD removals in excess of 85 percent, greater than 95 percent TSS removal and total phosphorus levels less than 0.15 mg/L. Existing installations for wet weather flows can be easily converted, and the train can also be used for tertiary treatment during dry weather flows. 919/677-8310;

  Stormwater management software

Linko software can be used to assist municipal technicians in managing their stormwater management programs. The robust database tracks sites, BMPs and public outreach efforts. It also schedules and records inspection events, sends letters and permits, and produces customizable reports, which is beneficial to agencies that are required to submit SWMP reports to state environmental departments. Data is easily gathered and summary reports are quickly generated. Users save time by avoiding complicated spreadsheets, and gain peace of mind knowing their data is secure in a fully supported database. 877/546-5699;

  Level calibration tool

The QuickCal level calibration tool from ELAN Technologies provides precise and accurate level measurement, an ideal tool for anyone performing open-channel stormwater flow monitoring. It consists of a 26-inch tapered edge aluminum ruler with 0.01-foot and 0.1-inch markings alongside an inset indicator strip and comes with extension pole. The tapered edge is designed to reduce flow disturbance, providing a more accurate reading. The level indicator strip darkens when wet, giving an easy-to-read line for water level. The level increments correlate directly to primary device tables and flowmeters without a decimal conversion. 815/463-8105;

  Inline check valve

The CheckMate Valve from Red Valve Co./Tideflex Technologies was developed for CSO and diversion chamber applications. It is an inline check valve designed to be installed at the upstream or downstream side of a diversion chamber. The entire valve is constructed of rubber, making it rust-free and resistant to grease and oils typically found in wastewater. Additionally, with seven elastomers to select from, it can be manufactured to resist chemicals found in industrial wastewater applications. It boasts extremely low headloss, and can be specified and used in CSO, SSO, odor control, and municipal and industrial cross-connection. 412/279-0044;

  Hydrostatic level transmitter

The VL4000 Series fully submersible hydrostatic level transmitter from PMC Engineering is designed for use in early warning monitoring systems for stormwater management. The fully welded titanium construction featuring a molded polyurethane Kevlar-reinforced cable provides more than 10 years of maintenance-free operation when terminated with the PMC TE11/MP11. The small diameter of either 0.75 or 0.39 inches is ideal for mounting in runoff or sewage pipes, stilling wells or deep wells. The piezo-resistive sensing element is fast to respond and can accurately monitor changes in water level down to less than 0.01 inch. It has an overpressure rating of 400 percent that enables the user to install transmitters of an appropriate range for normal monitoring, but still be confident of survival during extreme flood conditions where up to four times the depth might be experienced. 203/792-8686;

  Utility sealant

Flex-Seal utility sealant from Sealing Systems is a plural component aromatic urethane with an 800 percent elongation and a tensile strength of 3,200 psi. It is designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section. It provides a seal that will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards. The internal seal is manually applied using a paintbrush, and the kit is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27-inch-diameter manhole. 800/478-2054;

  Stormwater runoff filter system

The Linear system from Modular Wetlands Inc. is ideal for green design and sustainable projects. It utilizes horizontal flow biofiltration, as it replicates natural processes to remove a variety of pollutants from stormwater runoff, including fine TSS, bacteria, oils and grease, heavy metals and harmful nutrients like nitrate and phosphorus. It incorporates screening, hydrodynamic separation, sorptive media filtration and bioretention into a single system. Completely modular, it can either replace standard stormwater inlets or function perfectly in an online or offline design to replace downward flow systems. 760/433-7640;


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