Pipelines and Infrastructure

Pipe, valves and pipe components make up the backbone of municipal sewer systems. Here are various types of pipe, pipe parts, components, fittings and valves designed to transport water and wastewater safely and efficiently.
Pipelines and Infrastructure
Double containment vinyl piping system

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Pipe, valves and pipe components make up the backbone of municipal sewer systems. Here are various types of pipe, pipe parts, components, fittings and valves designed to transport water and wastewater safely and efficiently.


Double containment vinyl piping system

Double-See from GF Piping Systems is a pressure-rated double containment vinyl piping system for transporting hazardous liquids. It offers an easy installation method, a closure coupling design that allows conformance to the ASME B31.3 test inspection requirements, and a 3-D thermal expansion compensation feature. With this system, both primary and secondary pipes are cut to the same length and can be joined simultaneously, saving significant time and preventing potential mistakes caused by staggered pipe-cut measurement errors. It offers assembled and tested fittings and a pipe cut-length guidance system that simplifies installation. The system offers pipe, fittings, leak detection and access tees, closure couplings and termination fittings. It is available in PVC and CPVC; either material may be primary or secondary, with clear PVC an option for the containment pipe. System size options range from 1/2- by 2-inch to 6- by 10-inch. 800/854-4090; www.gfpiping.com.

Semi-rigid water pipe

Combining the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance and durability of concrete, bar-wrapped B-303 pipe from Hanson Pressure Pipe is a stiff, strong, semi-rigid water pipe. It is manufactured using a welded steel cylinder lined with mortar or concrete, with a mild steel reinforcing bar helically wound around the outside of the cylinder and coated with dense Portland cement mortar for physical and corrosion protection. It is easily modified in the field, including outlets, service taps and simple repairs. It is available in 10- to 72-inch diameters and 20- to 35-foot lengths. 972/262-3600; www.hansonpressurepipe.com.

Polymer mortar pipe

Centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar HOBAS Pipe is inherently corrosion resistant and lasts 100 years or more, providing a very low life cycle cost. Key applications are sanitary and storm sewers, corrosive environments and potable water. It features leak-free, push-together joints that reduce installation time and costs. Benefits include superior hydraulics, light weight, high strength and long maintenance-free service life. Installation methods include open cut, sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, two-pass tunnel, casing carrier and above ground. Sizes range from 18 to 126 inches for both pressure and gravity applications. 800/856-7473; www.hobaspipe.com.

High-density polyethylene pipe

High-performance high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe from WL Plastics Corporation is durable, offering more than 100 years of life in most applications. It’s a fused, leak-free and self-restrained joint, along with being corrosion free and chemically resistant. 682/831-2726; www.wlplastics.com.

Pipe Parts/Fittings

Brass coupling

The Cambridge Coupling from Cambridge Brass connects any two pipes of varying sizes and materials. It can attach to any pipe material through a wide range of sizes, which reduces repair time and required inventory. Installation is simple and requires minimal tools. It connects to a variety of pipe styles and sizes. 800/724-3906; www.cambridgebrass.com.

Gravity pipe restraint

The Gravity Sewer Pipe Restraint from Ford Meter Box accommodates a new casing spacer that can easily fit both large and small casings. The casing spacer’s design offers two settings set with a slot and tab connection, allowing the casing spacer diameter to be adjusted based on the casing size. In addition, the slides have an extremely slick surface, enabling the pipe to glide easily within the casing. The combined location of the connecting lug and clamping pad reduces stress on the pipe wall by eliminating the forces that cause the ring to pivot and squeeze the pipe. The fastener location facilitates optimization of the cross section thickness, resulting in an easy-to-handle and easy-to-install restraint. 260/563-3171; www.fordmeterbox.com.

Pipe supports

Pipe supports from RELINER/Duran are easily installed adjustable clamping pipe brackets made of noncorrosive 11-gauge 304 Stainless. They securely attach pipes to manhole walls and other surfaces with no protruding hardware, and are fully adjustable to fit irregular surfaces. Often used with the RELINER Inside Drop Bowl to eliminate outside drops in sanitary sewers or stormwater drops, they attach to the wall with 3/8-inch stainless steel bolts in noncorrosive shields. A wide range of clamp sizes from 1.5 to 30 inches for SDR 35, Schedule 40, C900, CIOD, etc., are kept in stock. Other sizes are available. 800/508-6001; www.reliner.com.


SDWA-compliant fire hydrant

WaterMaster BR250 and CD250 fire hydrants from EJ are compliant with federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) guidelines. Voluntary performance testing was conducted and all requirements were met per NSF 372 and NSF 61 specifications. Hydrants are also approved to NSF standards through UL. They comply with the requirements of the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011. State and local jurisdictions may have additional limitations or requirements regarding the use or sale and distribution of products that contain lead. Customers can contact their local or state plumbing or drinking water authority to learn more. 800/626-4653; www.ejco.com.

Locking manhole frame

The Lifespan System from Hamilton Kent is a watertight, corrosion-proof, locking, rubber manhole frame with a cast-iron or composite cover that prevents rain-derived inflow from entering sanitary sewer systems and underground structures through the top of the manhole. The system has been tested to withstand 15 psi of water pressure and performs well when manhole covers sit under standing water. It has also been AASHTO H-25 load tested, making it suited for heavy traffic areas. Installation crews can easily handle it in easements or environmentally sensitive areas, as the 24-inch frame weighs only 55 pounds. It is also available in 27- and 30-inch clear opening sizes. The system’s tapered risers allow for simple adjustment of the frame to match virtually any surface grade. The locking mechanism deters unauthorized access and manhole cover theft, and eliminates rattling covers. 859/533-0849; www.hamiltonkent.com.

Milling system

The Wamax Milling System from Mongoose Jetters utilizes a turbine-driven gearing system to generate cutting torque to turn the milling head. Combined with the hammer-drill effect of the cutting wheel, the unit capable of cutting concrete, major mineral deposits and solid blockages. The internal gearing also allows the system to be used with low gpm jetting machines. 800/323-1604; www.mongoosejetters.com.

Pipe threading machine

The RIDGID Model 1224 Threading Machine features a rugged two-speed gearbox, driven by a 1 1/2 hp reversible induction motor, provides optimal speeds for threading pipe sizes up to 4 inches. The carriage integrates the pipe cutter, reamer and die head to perform all the threading steps, without moving or adjusting the pipe from its chucked position. The special start and run circuit accommodates those instances where the voltage is less than ideal. Integral to the performance of the machine is the oiling system that floods the end of the pipe, clearing the chips into the reservoir while cooling the dies. An adapter can be attached to power a roll groover, or with special dies and die head can be used to cut groove or bevel. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Bypass pump

The Yakka150i bypass/dewatering pump from AllightPrimax  has replaceable wear plates and impellers made of stainless steel. It operates quietly, emitting only 65 dBA at 23 feet. The body is impact resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The strong tubular frame design provides side and end protection. Lockable gull wing doors are wrapped over the body for security and easy access. All controls are inside the lockable module. 877/477-4629; www.allightprimax.com.

Portable non-clog pump

The Dri-Prime NC150 pump from Godwin, a Xylem brand, is engineered to deliver non-clog performance, sustained high efficiency and long-term energy/fuel savings. It is an extremely powerful yet compact pump with flow capabilities up to 1,767 gpm and discharge heads up to 195 feet. It features Flygt N-technology with a self-cleaning impeller. The automatic self-priming system primes and reprimes from dry up to 28 feet without operator assistance or foot valve control. It features a dry-running high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with abrasion-resistant silicon carbide faces. It can be customized with a diesel engine or electric motor on a highway trailer or skid-mount, or in a quiet enclosure. 800/247-8674; www.godwinpumps.com.

Centrifugal pump

The N-Series solids-handling pump from Flygt – a Xylem Brand, features a self-cleaning design that continuously delivers sustained high efficiency resulting in energy savings. The Adaptive N-impeller is designed to move axially upwards when needed, providing clog-free performance. It minimizes unscheduled downtime, resulting in further maintenance cost savings. It can be easily retrofitted into existing conventional non-clog pump installations. 704/409-9700; www.flygtus.com.

Submersible cistern pump

C1 Series stainless steel submersible cistern pumps from Franklin Electric are designed for use in graywater/filtered effluent service applications, and include the ability to pass solids up to 1/8 inch in diameter without impacting pump life. They are constructed of a 304 stainless steel motor and outer shell with engineered polymer hydraulics providing corrosion resistance and abrasive handling. Features include a thermoplastic discharge head to avoid breakage during installation and operation, removable 5-inch-wide base for secure and reliable mounting, a motor lead connection protected with a rubber boot and secured with a stainless steel strain relief, and a bottom suction design allowing maximum fluid drawdown without compromising durability or pump life. It is available in flow ratings of 10, 20 and 30 gpm, with a maximum shut-off pressure of over 100 psi, and is available with a 115- or 230-volt 1/2 hp single-phase motor. 800/269-0063; www.franklin-electric.com.

Backup pumping system

Designed to deliver all the benefits of our sound-attenuated silent pumps, the ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp Company operates on natural gas, making it quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly. It features a 6-inch Super T Series pump capable of passing a 3-inch spherical solid, and offers a soundproof, lightweight aluminum enclosure with lockable door panels that are easily removed for maintenance of the pump or engine. This unit is a complete backup package, ready for hookup for emergencies and power outages, primary pump repair and additional pumping capacity. 419-755-1011; www.grpumps.com.

Sewage pump

S Pumps from Grundfos Pumps can be used for transferring unscreened raw sewage or water, pumping water containing sludge or pumping industrial effluent. They feature a SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and SmartSeal for leakage prevention. The SmartTrim system makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance to maintain efficiency. The SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a leak-proof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system. The shaft seal is capable of rotating in either direction. When installed with separate pipework, sludge sedimentation can be avoided by back-flushing at regular intervals. 800/921-7867; www.grundfos.us.

Sewer pump

The HDP-196 sewer pump from Hammelmann Corp. is suited for dirty water applications, with flow up to 160 gpm and pressures of 3,200 psi. Features include a compact design and integral reduction gear. Options include horizontal or vertical models, a reversible pump head, central or side-suction connection, discharge connections on both sides, left- or right-hand drive shaft, and operation at any angle. It features high-grade solid ceramic plungers, wear-resistant valve seats, low-flow velocity over suction and discharge valves, packing seal sets within rust-resistant stainless steel sleeves, slow plunger speed, an industrial drive end specifically designed for continuous duty, a pressurized oil lubrication system, and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. It is easy to service due to its reversible valve seats, suction and discharge valves with identical components, maintenance without the removal of suction and pressure lines, service access in the front and above the unit, and a fixed valve housing accessible via lightweight cover plates. It has a quiet drive end due to twin helical gears. 800/783-4935; www.hammelmann.com.

Pressure sewer system

The InviziQ pressure sewer system is an alternative to conventional gravity sewage options. Rather than relying on gravity and a network of lift stations to transfer sewage, it utilizes grinding and pumping to move sewage to treatment facilities, regardless of the terrain, slope, environmental sensitivity of the area or complex topography of the region. It offers Dry Well design that delivers clean access to the system motor and other working parts of the unit. In addition, network monitoring and control is built into the system. 513/226-6961; www.inviziq.com.

Solids-handling pump

The Hydromatic HPE Series premium-efficient solids-handling pump from Pentair is available up to 200 hp and is engineered for low life cycle costs and long life. It uses a premium-efficient, oil-filled motor that saves energy and has low operating temperatures and permanently lubricated bearings for long life. Features include a switchable seal for easy change, optional quick-disconnect cord, optional shaft-grounding ring for use with VFDs, a bronze sleeve bearing that eliminates the labyrinth ring and a seal-leak detector. 888/416-9513; www.hydromatichpe.com.

High-head pump

The portable 6JCC pump from Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. delivers 1,100 gpm, high heads to 490 feet and 212 psi with automatic initial priming and repriming. It is ideal for high-pressure applications such as for clear waterjetting, water boosting, wellpoint installation, water supply for hydraulic fracturing, washdowns, tank cleaning and fire protection. It offers the Enviroprime System that provides reliable, automatic initial priming and repriming. Options include a Silent Knight sound-attenuated canopy, and applications assistance. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com.


Heavy-duty pinch valve

Heavy-Duty Pinch Valves from Flowrox feature dual closing of the valve sleeve on the centerline of the valve for more accurate flow control and less stress on the rubber sleeve. Available sleeve materials include styrene-butadiene, natural or gum rubber, hypalon, nitrile, EPDM, butyl, polyurethane, hydrogenated nitrile, fluorine rubber and chloroprene rubber. All sleeve materials and all sizes and pressure classes are available with a SensoMate sleeve-wear monitoring system. All types of actuators are available, including manual, pneumatic, electric motor operators and hydraulic. They have an enclosed stainless steel stem that isolates the stem from process media and insures smooth and easy operation. All valves are equipped with a 1/2-inch plug in the bottom half of the body for ease of monitoring sleeve performance. All pinch bar rods are stainless steel. 410/636-2250; www.flowrox.us.

Wafer check valve

WCV Series wafer check valves from Hayward Flow Control have all thermoplastic molded construction, including angle seat and disc design for high flows. The valves fit ANSI 150 and PN10 flanges and are available in PVC and CPVC in 2- to 8-inch diameters with a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi nonshock at 70 degrees F. 888/429-4635; www.haywardflowcontrol.com.

Plug valve

The Ballcentric Plug Valve from Henry Pratt Company is available in sizes from 3 to 36 inches. The round port design on 3- through 20-inch units reduces fluid flow resistance, resulting in better flow characteristics and less pressure drop across the valve. There is no debris buildup on the plug because it is hidden from the flow. This also allows for in-line pigging. A large nominal port design means low erosion, long service life and reduced pumping costs. 877/436-7977; www.henrypratt.com.

Extendable valve

STRAIGHT-FIT valves from Mainline Backflow Products are ideal for retrofit and new installations. They come in 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes, and are available in both PVC and ABS. They have a body that is extendible to whatever depth required. The gate can be extended for easy extraction as well. They feature a Smart CURVE cleat insert that is designed to allow a sewer snake to feed and retract without catching on the gate itself. They also have a cleat insert in the body that will ease the feeding and retrieval of a snake without hanging up, reducing excessive wear on the body. They also have an optional test gate that can be used to pressure test the system or to isolate the property. 877/734-8691; www.backwatervalve.com.

Inline check valve

The CheckMate Valve from Red Valve Co. / Tideflex Technologies was developed for CSO and diversion chamber applications. It is an inline check valve designed to be installed at the upstream or downstream side of a diversion chamber. The entire valve is constructed of rubber, making it rust-free and resistant to grease and oils typically found in wastewater. Additionally, with seven elastomers to select from, it can be manufactured to resist chemicals found in industrial wastewater applications. It boasts extremely low head loss, and can be specified and used in CSO, SSO, odor control, and municipal and industrial cross-connection. 412/279-0044; www.tideflex.com.

Single rolling diaphragm pressure-reducing valve

The SRD Pressure Reducing Valve from Singer Valve provides smooth, steady and precise pressure control from maximum to virtually zero flow without the need for low-flow bypass valves. The effective area of a single rolling diaphragm remains constant so the bonnet is smaller and lighter than a flat diaphragm version. A measured quantity into the bonnet control chamber always gives the same smooth movement of the inner valve through the entire stroke. A smaller bonnet also makes the valve lighter and safer for maintenance, while the smaller control chamber enables it to respond faster to changing pressures. By eliminating the seat chatter at low flows, it avoids injecting small pressure pulses into the piping, which, over time, may increase leakage, losses or pipe bursts. Units range in size from 6 up to 36 inches. 888/764-7858; www.singervalve.com.

Swing check valve

The AWWA swing check valve from Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. for water and wastewater applications prevents backflow by automatically closing when fluid reverses direction. It has a ductile-iron disc that swings open upon pump startup. When closed, the valve provides a tight shut-off through a field-replaceable stainless steel seat. Valves are available with three closure options (lever and weight, air cushion, lever and spring) and in 2- to 24-inch and 30- to 48-inch sizes. 630/941-7600; www.valmatic.com.


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