Caught in the Act: “No One” is Looking

Are your workers slacking on the job? If so, how would you know? Water utility workers in Louisiana were suspended this past fall after a video surfaced showing poor behavior that resulted in public outcry. Today’s tech-savvy population keeps you in the know when your workers are unsupervised, but how would they look in the public eye if their video was posted on the Web? www.mswmag.com/featured

Overheard Online

"Sometimes utilities don’t feel the need to change because they don’t have competition. Leadership is much more than just
managing day to day."

Top Traits of a Great Leader www.mswmag.com/featured

Wage War: How Much Are You Worth?

A $20,000 raise? Yes, please. An Indiana water utility supervisor received a whopping 28 percent salary increase. Why? He is the only state-certified employee at the water plant with knowledge of the entire water system. Being rewarded for hard work and dedication is vital to employee morale. If your utility cannot afford huge salary bumps, would more vacation, year-end bonuses or paid state certification suffice? www.mswmag.com/featured

Frost Gone Wild: Biting Temps Wreak Havoc

Baby, it’s cold outside. That’s an understatement. Frost depths and freeze-ups have reached unprecedented levels, and record-breaking temps overwhelmed utilities nationwide, making the winter of 2014 one of the coldest in history. More than 50 below-zero days and penetrating frost levels have taken a toll on laterals and water mains at utilities in Wisconsin’s frozen tundra. If you faced similar issues, take a look at what these agencies did to thaw out. www.mswmag.com/featured


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